Charly Boy Quits Showbiz Industry


Charles  Chukwuemeka Oputa, the young man who breezed in from America and unto the competitive showbiz arena in Nigeria and uncannily conquered a large percentage of the industry, may be singing the Nunc dimities to it now.

Although he is yet to make a categorical statement on that, the man who later waves with weird life starting with the adoption of names; ‘’Charly Boy’’ and ‘’Area Fada’’, told NewstimesAfrica over the weekend that he can’t combine his present activities with art which opened the floodgate of fame and fortune for him.

The undeniable fact remains whatever he’s achieved in life was through the power of the showbiz industry. Talk about posh houses, cars and other luxuries, albeit he may have other sources of livelihood.

But like the Nigerian case whereby one seems to abandon a particular terrain after exploiting its goodies, the controversial once showbiz guru however holds age responsible for his seeming abandonment of the arena.

‘’Haba, how many things I wan talk and how many I wan do?’’, he shouted in pidgin English. And continuing, he asked, ‘’you wan kill me. I am 66 years old now, going to 70.’’

Right now, Charly Boy revealed that he is engrossed in fighting injustice which remains the bane of the society, especially for the poor. He also said that he is

charting a new course for a new and better Nigeria.

‘’ I’m for nobody. All I stand for now, as the Area Fada, is for those exceptional Nigerians in whose hands the salvation of this country lies. I will live the rest of my natural life encouraging and gingering the youths into their greatness.

‘’I still believe in Nigeria regardless of the darkness hanging over us,’’ he concluded.


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