Men Can’t Take Their Eyes Off My Backside ––Tambou



Sultry actress Joy Tambou is not one who minces her words. Therefore she meant it when said she wasn’t looking for a made man as Mr. Right. The Delta State-born actress-turned-producer seemed to have gained some insights from her two failed attempt at relationships. “I don’t need a perfect man. I want somebody I will build with. Don’t come pretending to be a lover boy and at the end of the day, you are not what you seem to be,” she so declared.

In the past couple of years, Tambou, an Ijaw, has been working to raise her pedigree as a producer. The ‘Open Diary’ actress who already has featured in over 10 movies (including Unbeatable, Unavoidable Blunder and Campus Lecturer) now has two to her credit as a producer.

In her characteristic blunt manner, she told newstimesafrica basic truths about her career and character including attitude to money––and, also something about those men who wouldn’t take their eyes off her backside.

Joy Tambou


Why did you go into producing movies?

I believe in supporting myself. I also went into producing my movies because I want to act in my own movies, interpret my character and still make money because I love making money. My other name is money.


What does money mean to you?

Money means a lot. Money is life. Without money you are nobody. But money has to come with ideas because if you have money without ideas you are useless.  When you have money, you are in control. It gives you joy. I so much love money that at times, I don’t get affected with things around me especially when it is not bringing money. When it comes to money I am serious and focused. I learnt this principle like a year ago when I met McSmithOchendo. He made me understand the aspect of production and making money in the industry––otherwise one would just stagnate there. I have been in the industry since 2011, just rolling, going from one audition to the other. But since I started producing, I am enjoying the job.


You have two jobs to your credit. Tell us about them.

The first is a short movie, ‘Diary of ACorper.’ It is on Youtube. The new one I just finished doing and launched in Warri, Delta State is called Tattered. It is about a crazy girl from a rich background who doesn’t like the poor. She is so crazy that she molests people, go around and embarrass the poor. At the end of the day, she fell in love with her father’s mechanic. I played the role of the girl. I was acting and producing as well. Sometimes you think that you are tough until you meet a situation that changes everything about you, that is what I have learnt in that job.


Any plan for a cinema movie?

Definitely, it is one of my big dreams for the year. I am working on something but it is going to be released by December because I have three productions I want to run. I will do that in December to capture the Christmas moment.


Do you do any other stuff aside moviemaking?

I am into ladies outfit. I am on Instagram and my business page is Tamsdiva. I’m into the business of ladies––I sell shoes, bags, wears and so on. I’m going to open a place for that soon in Lagos.


How do you cope with making movies and your business?

Moviemaking is a passion. That keeps me going despite the challenges, and I am that person that does not give up. I had faced daunting challenges in those early days. At one time, I sat down thinking if I were working in the bank, I would have become a millionaire or billionaire. Yet I decided to continue. That is my passion.


What are the challenges of producing a movie?

The challenges are enormous; from your actors to your crew to the location and other issues. Dealing with humans, trying to get things done is a herculean task. At times, they waste your finances for no cogent reason. It is not an easy job but I am getting better and this one I am working on will be better.

I gave out my first job to somebody. The second one, too, I gave it to somebody who embezzled some of my money. I had to stop, go back and return fully to finish the job. Now, I am fully prepared because I have learnt a lot. I am prepared to do my thing accordingly without stress.


How long does it take you to shoot a movie?

First, you get your script without which you cannot talk about the movie. After that, you know your cast, know whom you want to use. It could take you like two to three months. Like this one, my script is taking me a month to be ready before other ones. It should take two to three months to plan a full production.


When are we expecting your wedding?

When the right man comes, we will do that. I have loved before and it didn’t work out; when you love men too much most times, they misbehave. I have been hurt twice. Right now, I am not in love with anybody.


So what is your picture of Mr. Right?

I don’t need a perfect man. I want somebody I will build with. Don’t come pretending to be a lover boy and at the end of the day, you are not what you seem to be. It is painful and it really hurts when you love someone and just when you think that person is cool he changes and brings out the other side.

I am not looking for a billionaire; I believe in working together. Just come to me as you, not as someone else, don’t bring somebody’s car or something to show off to me. Let me see your real person. I am me, I don’t pretend, I am just too real to fake my life.


What attracts you to a guy?

I like intelligent guys. I like a guy that has something in his brains. I don’t believe in fine man; just have something upstairs, so we can rhyme and learn from each other. Speak well. Freshen up. Look good. Don’t come with smelly mouth and body odour, it irritates me.


Would you marry an actor?

I don’t know what God has for me. If a man who is in my profession comes for my hand in marriage, we would sit together and discuss it very well. I don’t want to get married and divorce––I hate it.


Where would you want to be in five years?

I want a bigger me, big actress, producer, doing my big things with my big God.


How do you relax?

I go swimming with my friends and chill. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke.


What exactly have you have been indulging in that you want to stop?

I want to stop over-trusting people.


Who is your crush in Nollywood?

I do not have a crush I have a role model and that person is Mercy Johnson. She delivers everything well. I cannot fault her personality, kindness, humility. She is just perfect for me.


What part of your body do you cherish most?

Don’t mind men, they like the ass! From the back, they will be looking at you. They tend to look at my bottom a lot. I’m proudly Ijaw. We are well endowed.







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