Opinion: Coza: We Are All Guilty And Indebted…!

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By Austin Fair- Nwaulu

Gradually, all the hulabaloo, protests, threats and what have you that trailed the rape accusation of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Coza by church member/worker, Busola Dakolo and the expected denial, have subsided. It took the nation like wild fire and dwarfed every other burning issue in the land.

What we don’t know now, however, is the next line of action by both parties and who lied. The pastor has even stepped down while the wife stepped in to carry on with the baton. Anyway, I think and hear it is to allow investigations to be properly conducted.

While not I am supporting rape of whatever kind anywhere in the world, all the same, I must say that there must be a hidden agenda for someone or group of persons to remember and ‘éxhume’ an incident that took place about two decades ago and then seek and win the sympathy of the people to flow with it. And it caught has been burning like wild fire

This is the first time in Nigerian history that someone would boldly come out openly to make such a claim, own up that someone else than her husband forcefully and had carnal knowledge of her. I mean, in a clime where ladies even hold sports, exercises and bicycle riding responsible for the loss of their virginity.

Well, here is Busola, wife of a celebrity artiste, Dakolo, opening up on such a sensitive issue. I’d rather my wife doesn’t tell me that kind of story to avoid emotional torture and loss of interest. For me, old things are passed away. After all, every lady lost her virginity in one form or the other – consensual or forced.

But you see why some people still insist that the popular saying that ‘’there is no smoke without fire’’ should suffice? I don’t blame them, it’s only time that will tell.

Suddenly, many ladies are coming up with their own rape experiences. God, do they think of the implications? Has Busola been declared the winner? They may be reasoning already that she stands a chance to win some compensation thereafter! Trust Nigerian ladies.

If that happens, anyway, every prominent and successful man in this country is in trouble. They would all be roped in by even girls that talked them into ’doing’ it in the past. If you don’t know, even a girl of 12 years or so, seduce men, sometimes out of curiousity to have a taste of it or for material gains.

Check out, almost all every girl at the secondary school level, are no longer virgins. And they hardly ‘do’ it with their mates but older men for whatever protection. So, if this favours them, tomorrow they would simply remember the man that opened the ‘’gate’’ when they were under aged. Pronto, they would go for a kill. This is Nigeria. How many men resisted such temptations or traps when they were set for them?

In civilised climes, incidents of this magnitude are carefully handled and treated but I am afraid that it will be abused here for obvious reasons. We are all guilty anyway and may God help us…we know how to blow things out of proportion.



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