Jim Iyke Still Rocks

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Nollywood giant and man of the people, Iim Iyke was on a television programme yesterday morning. Guess, he was invited to air his views on why some men marry late or something like that. The meaning and the presenter’s choice of interest, according to a close friend must be because the handsome and likable actor might still be in the market, still searching!

Actually, that was suggestive. Especially, when his views on the likely reasons, lent further credence to the likely reasons. Even his dressing with a customized dark glasses to match explained it all. Nice outing. Part of his answers sounded like the Igbo adage that ‘’whatever time one gets to the market remains one’s morning’’ (interpretation mine he didn’t speak Igbo anyway).

Unfortunately, ‘’NEPA’’ struck! Maybe he ‘confessed’ in his subsequent comments on his marital status later. Think he has a baby mama who has given him about two kids, didn’t have it easy as the only son with his parents earlier. They wanted him to embrace something more serious instead of Nollywood.
Well, the issue is that Jim still looks fresh and would always make a potential husband and the envy of many responsible ladies.

The truth, however, is that any man that fails to quit when the ovation is loudest, eventually realizes that he had ’wasted years’ and tends to regret it later. All the women are the same – petty, careless and nag a lot. But if millions have done it, why won’t you. it will be like a cinema when the time comes and confusion, even depression, set in. It takes discipline, courage and determination to pick and put a lady inside as a wife.

And come to think of it, it never stops a man from ’playing’ outside. Otherwise one will just be readjusting indefinitely. The beautiful ones are born everyday!

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