Opinion: Tekno’s Blunder And Authority’s Iron Hands

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Austin Fair-Nwaulu
Thank God he has gotten off the hook albeit investigations are continuing. One good thing about this case is that the offender humbled himself and reportedly showed enough remorse when he was apprehended. So, only police officers with the heart of stone would ignore that and still make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Worrisome, however, is the threat by the Nigeria Tourism and Development Company (NTD) to punish him squarely for almost the same offence.
One of Nigeria’s rising discoveries in her fast-growing entertainment industry, Tecno (don’t bother about his real name, he’s made a commercially-viable choice), met his waterloo recently. According to reports, he chattered a truck load of half-nude ladies apparently heading for a video shoot on Lagos Island.

His offence? He failed the morality test. All of a sudden, we all know, it became the vogue and fashionable and all over the world, to consider a musical video incomplete and ideal for consumption only without weird and skimpy-dressed ladies. In fact, people often make jest of ladies these days that, whereas men cover themselves in videos, they go naked!
Poor Tecno, he didn’t know that somebody who probably didn’t care about her data, took the pains and shortened her lifespan to record the ’ugly’ scenes that exposed the act. Only God knows what she wanted to achieve by so doing knowing pretty well that they were shooting a music video. Some say she must be one of the emergent religious fanatics, moralist or wanted to enter the Guinness Book of Records. But the crooner was doing something that every artiste does. It is no longer strange to the entire society.

Anyways, she did well. If Mr. A killed and got away with it, it has not given the green light to Mr. B to do likewise. So, Tecno was culpable. The Police too acted promptly. They quickly pounced on the young man for promoting immorality and perhaps debasing womanhood. But these are ’professional’ ladies who dance, strip or do whatever to get paid. Many of them are graduates. Howbeit, he must have learnt his lesson and will be more careful in future.
Unfortunately, this same moralist and secret scene recorder did not show clips of where Nigerian artistes were being attacked on locations by hoodlums. This is actually the crux of the matter as many of them have had to abandon Nigerian locations for South Africa, Ghana and other safe and even more conducive countries to shoot. It is just of recent that they started considering indigenous again but pay heavily on security.

Now, it seems they have to contend with the security agencies too. But the fact remains that most of these people are unemployed youths and graduates trying to eke a living from creativity. Nobody helps them out. It is possible that Tecno was trying to minimize some cost. And at 11 p.m or thereabout, how many of the under aged even adults were still outside to see the indecently-dressed ladies.

That doesn’t suggest, anyway, that one is in support of same. In a country where one is not sure of the next minute, one makes use of the what is available. It is not yet Uhuru for many Nigerian artistes, forget the show-offs, only the shoe wearers know where it pinches them. They are under the weather too – the unfriendly and harsh economic measures.
Tecno was simply put, ’ignorant’ of the offence he committed. He merely wanted to follow trends but realized later that he blundered along the line. He reportedly felt very sorry for same.

Now, the NTDC is said to have waded into the matter poised, probably to ensure that the young man did not get out of it. Its anger is said to have been provoked by the release of the offensive video into the market.
This must be what happened. Artistes and sponsors (marketers) often reach a pact for an album/video production. Sometimes the artiste is paid off and the marketer proceeds with the work. In this case, it is possible that the latter was in a hurry to release it before it’s banned and his money wasted. These are my thoughts only and nothing more.
As a first offender, I pray that these authorities would cease fire and maybe withdraw the video from the market as well warn against such excesses subsequently. Let’s not discourage our talents.

In fact, the way the boss is threatening, it’s like there’s a personal issue going between him and Tecno. Otunba Segun Runsewe heads a parastatal, and not a law enforcement agency after all.

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