Prince Ifeanyi Dike To Politicians: Use And Dump Of Entertainers Is Over!

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Angry about the way entertainers are treated by politicians, especially in the last elections, Chairman, Board of Trustee (BoT) Prince Ifeanyi Dike has called on entertainers to join politics to bring the desired change desperately needed by the populace.

Speaking with newstimesafrica, the celebrated veteran said that it is annoying for politicians to use the faces of these entertainers to score cheap political points and when they get to office, these entertainers are ‘not good enough’ to be appointed into positions of responsibility.
He said: “Entertainment practitioners should be appointed position in government. Nollywood will not participate in any future campaigns for positions because the period of use and dump for Nollywood members is over. We are qualified to handle positions of public trust because of the fact we are seen as role models. The issue of embezzling of public fund is out of it.

In the next dispensation of electioneering campaigns in Nigeria a lot of ‘Nollywood’ will step up to be elected as LGA chairmen to house of Assembly members even governors of states. I want to encourage entertainers especially the veterans to be bold enough to join political parties now and grow through the rank and file.”

In a related development, Dike has assured that the forthcoming Actors guild of Nigeria’s election will be free and fair as he encouraged members to be bold enough to contest all positions. He added that there will be no zoning of any office to any region and nobody will be screened out as long as the person is constitutionally fit to run.

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