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A New Gym is in Town : DSR GYM and Family Fitness Centre

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In today’s economy where we are operating at the edge of performance, an average human requires every element and working part to function at its very best – and that includes its body.

With Don Sylvester Records a music record label giant expanding its business into new areas. They have invested significantly into Health and Fitness in Maryland, Lagos, introducing a new state-of-the-art high-performance fitness and wellbeing facility, fully equipped with American Fitness products

The large on-site gym is available to use and a fair and discounted rate, at No 10, Raji Apoyin street, Mende Maryland, Lagos. Alongside an outdoor premises that aims to help refresh, recharge and refuel its customers.



The cutting-edge facility features a full complement of Everlast strength and cardio equipment including the Zero X-Spin Bike, Resolute Selectorised Strength kit, and a fully bespoke Noro Max Trimmer a functional fitness solution. It’s not just about gaining a physical edge on the competition.

The DSR Gym and Family fitness center’s team will also work to take an active role in promoting health and wellness within the Ikeja and Maryland Neighborhood going forwards.

The CEO of Don Sylvester Nweke, added: “Our goal with this project was to create a high-performance facility, While there are other companies that specialise in fitness or cardio workout sessions, DSR Gym and Family Fitness Centre has the complete package that anyone is looking for.

Don Sylvester Nweke, adds: “We are increasingly seeing individuals putting wellbeing front and centre, and DSR Gym is ahead of the curve.They are future-proofing its facilities, providing a best-in-class offer that will ensure it can engage with and attract consumers from all demographics by demonstrating that health and wellness is more crucial than ever.”


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