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Actors Guild Election: Lolo Vies For Vice Chairman, South East

by Newstimesafrica

Following the expiration of the government of national unity and the lift of ban on politics of Actors Guild of Nigeria, veteran actress, Honourable, Oby Kate Okafor popularly known as Lolo has indicated interest to run for the position of Vice President, South East.

Lolo who joined the motion picture industry in 1993 and became famous for her role in ‘Living In Bondage’ playing the role of Chief’s wife has served in various capacities in the industry like the national treasurer during the tenure of Ejike Asiegbu and Segun Arinze respectively, among others, is bringing her experience to bear on the guild.

Apart from her beauty and height, the Anambra state indigene who is also a politician of note has contributed immensely to the democratic process in the polity. Lolo who is the chairperson of Advanced Congress of Democrats (ACD) contested governorship in 2014 with the incumbent, Chief Willie Obiano and has contested twice for the senatorial candidate of Anambra central. She also runs a non-government organization – ‘Never Leave A Child Behind.’ She is a member of various progressive groups working assiduously for the betterment of the society.

She explained her interest for the position. “I have been in Nollywwod when it was Nigerian Actors Guild (NAG) before it metamorphosed to Actors Guild of Nigeria. I have served in various capacities and my people know me especially in the area of welfare. I am a veteran and passionate about the progress of our guild. I am coming in to change the narrative. I have an enviable reputation in the industry and would continue to do my best for the greater glory of our guild. As a woman, I will bring about balance and so much more.”

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