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As Nze Chibueze Anukanti Moves To Rescue Oguta Constituency

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Nze Anukanti John


As the presidential, senate and house of representatives election is ongoing, preparations are also in top gear for the March 11 date for gubernatorial and Houses of Assembly election. A lot of people have indicated interest to represent their constituents with popular political parties while some others are also determined to change the status quo with new parties.

One of such men is none other than Nze Chibueze Anukanti John who has braced all odds to make a difference with the National Rescue Movement (NRM) seeking to represent Oguta constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly.

Known for his knack for service, accountability and excellence for whatever position he has operated, the former chairman of Imo State University Alumni Association Lagos branch shocked the alumni when he made history and raised the bar with the outstanding and still-talked-about National convention Lagos state hosted under his chairmanship. He has also repeated the feat in other numerous organisations with positive testimonies of his selfless service to humanity.

His compassionate heart as a philanthropist who has done so much for his community has endeared him to his people who have decided to go all out for him because of his exemplary antecedents knowing what he is capable of when he becomes the face of Oguta constituency.

There is no doubt that the tested and trusted successful managing director of PWAN Bazaar Properties Limited would be the man to watch out for and the man to beat come March 11.



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