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Charly Boy Writes To ‘Frustrated’ Youth Elicits Reactions 

by Newstimesafrica

In what appeared to be his first major outburst since his widely-celebrated 70th birthday recently, artiste, activist and critic, Charles Oputa [Charly Boy], who charged Nigerian youths whose life and future are threatened by the unending harsh economic policies in the country, in the wake of the increase in fuel and electricity, to stand up now and fight for their rights, is on the front burner once again.

Sounding alarmist but somewhat philosophical, the Area Fada as he is equally known said; had said in part, ‘’hell is something we carry about with us, it is not a place. Nigerians are already in it.  And Jesus isn’t coming anytime soon to fix the country. Just like prayers without action is nonsense.’’

Therefore, he expects ’frustrated’ Nigerians, as he put it, to take the bull by the horns because, ‘’the demons who want to die in power will never invite you to come and take over. And Charly Boy cannot come and lead able-bodied people whose blood should be boiling over, but prefer to watch Big Brother Nigeria, to prosecute the fight.’’

However, he promised to keep on inspiring, teaching, give them the ginger as well as pump them up with hope as only them can save themselves.’’

But in a swift reaction, some of the youths told our correspondent that he [Charly Boy cannot abandon the struggle for them at this point in time.

‘’The youths still need a leader to fight the battle against an oppressive regime. They need a shield lest they be wasted like common chicken. These people have no conscience,’’ they replied.

Since the increase in the cost of fuel, electricity, VAT and other necessities, expectations from different quarters have been that Nigerian youths especially, would revolt against same but the reverse seems to be the case as palpable fear of the authorities envelope the land.

Charly Boy and other prominent [elderly] Nigerians were pivotal to such outcries and demonstrations in the past. Many people are now calling on the younger generation to swing into action.




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