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CLP Celebrates 30 Years Of Transformational Lives And Strengthening

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The Community Life Project (CLP), an NGO celebrates three decades of positively impacting and transforming lives across Nigeria, strengthening institutions and their leaders, and enabling them to do more in community engagement and nation-building.

The non-profit civil society organisation was founded in 1992; it took off to effectively increase the access of grassroots citizens to knowledge and skills for HIV/AIDS prevention, care and control through community engagement in the Isolo community of Lagos, subsequently expanded to neighbouring communities – Oshodi and Mushin – and then scaled up nationally to lead the charge for social inclusion, grassroots community organising, social mobilisation and empowerment of voiceless communities to express voice and exercise agency.

Over the past three decades, CLP has built the capacity of government agencies and public officers to better deliver services to people at the grassroots. It worked with the Lagos State AID Control Agency (LASACA) in the 1990s to ensure that HIV/AIDs prevention activities reach the grassroots and helped to strengthen the health system response in Lagos State by training and retraining health workers. It facilitated the integration of HIV/AIDs prevention activities into existing services at the primary health care level and has been training local government officials, especially budget officers, community development department to ensure that grassroots citizens participate in budget preparation and implementation.

“On budget preparation. Back then the approach was top-down approach which had little or no impact on the people but CLP has pushed the process to the level of making it participatory where the Community people are empowered to participate in budget making and controlling their own development.”, Mr Rotimi O.K, a director of Community Development in Ekiti State noted.

According to Celine Osukwu, one of CLP’s Programme Managers, “CLP has been a leading NGO institution in working with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to improve the conduct and outcomes of election in Nigeria. It was instrumental in helping INEC to deliver credible voters register in the country and also to mobilise citizens for voters’ registration, permanent voters’ card (PVC) collection and election observation and reporting.

“One of the impacts of CLP is pushing for the inclusion and participation of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the electoral process.” She further said.

Today, CLP stands tall in the family of Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria as an example of a resourceful, results-oriented, and resilient institution; a promoter of equity and social inclusion; a convener of stakeholders.

To celebrate its 30 years of incredible impact, CLP is organising an anniversary event scheduled to take place on 4th November 4 at Muson Centre, Lagos. The grassroots citizens who have been impacted by the work of CLP would be taking the centre stage at the event. In attendance would be grassroots women politicians who were empowered to increase their level of representation and participation in politics at the Local level.

Some of the youths that CLP’s Theatre-for-Development programme helped discover their hidden creative abilities to actualise their dreams would be gracing the event. Discovered and nurtured by CLP, then gone on to become internationally renowned and celebrated script writers, actors, music stars and icons in the entertainment industry like Chiedozie Nzeribe (Sambasa), Lateef Adedimeji, Kingsley Okonkwo (KCee), to mention a few. These and other personalities whose lives have been touched by the work of CLP would be at the event to share their stories.

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