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Controversial actress, Pat Ugwu to Fans : Expect More Mad Skits

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Controversial actress and popular skit maker, Patience Ugwu has promised his fans to brace up t watch more crazy skits from her stable.

Just like other skit makers who discovered the goldmine in skit making and put their hearts and soul into creating contents for their different skits, voluptuous Patience Ugwu was not left out of the race, in fact, she too has been cashing out with her seductive semi-clad twerking skit style.



With 94.6k followers on Instagram and counting, the highly endowed Enugu-born thespian popular with controversial posts is gradually and steadily making waves on the internet.

Though she started out as an actor, Ugwu disclosed how she decided to go into skit making.

She said: “It’s never easy to see yourself at the top in the industry. Movie has always been a first choice; it’s awesome wearing a character in a movie and it surely will attract more international recognition and awards, however, taking the steps into skit making was a decision I took when I discovered I have so much talent and need to explore more. It has brought a whole lot of bread to my table and more mad skits are yet to come.”

For many who may not know that it is not all exposing her body during live sessions on Instagram but Ugwu is a bundle of creativity who also makes money as a photographer, a model, video vixen and business woman saying to all who cares to listen to her that all she wants is to be successful.

Though a private person who wouldn’t want to let anyone in into her relationship as she insists that she is into one but chose not to make it public but only assures that her man loves everything she does on Instagram.




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