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Crisis Rocks Ubulu-Uku As General Assembly UYDC Bans Election Scheduled For Saturday 

by Newstimesafrica

Members of the General Assembly of Ubulu-uku Youth Development Council (UYDC) has called on the public and all branches of Ubulu-uku Youth Association (UYA) across Nigeria, the home Chapters that the purported UYDC election to be conducted by the Ubulu-uku Development Council  sheduled for Saturday 4th November 2021 will not hold.


The ban is contained in a communique issued by a body of concerned youths of Ubulu-Uku communty under the services of Ubulu-Uku Youth Development Council signed by immediate past president, Enyi Austin


Speaking to journalist in a press conference held within the community yesterday, the immediate president  disclosed that  the duly appointed Steering Committee of the UYDC has been mandated to work out modalities for a lawful conduct of of its election, and shall notify all stakeholders in due course.

Adding that the Ubulu-uku Development Council (UDC) being the parent body of all Community based Organisations in Ubulu-uku, shall accordingly be invited to play its observer’s role in the UYDC election in view.


The president said its decision to place a ban on the youths elections in the community was as a result of manipulations, stressing that anyone caught flouting the order would be prosecuted.


Enyi explained that the sanctity of the extant Bye-law of the UYDC shall not be subjugated or suppressed by any form of external manipulations.

He explained that as responsible and law abiding members of Ubulu-uku community and patriotic citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, our members shall continue to contribute our quotas towards the peace, security, and development of our fatherland anywhere we find ourselves in Nigeria




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