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Day Saranify Foundation Put Smiles On Less Privilege

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Oguike and team

In line with the instructions in the holy writ where Christians are enjoined to remember the less privileged for good, Mrs. Sarah Ifeoma – Oguike through her foundation, Saranify International Foundation for Child Care stormed the Ijamido children’s home, Ota to extend her love and kindness to the children.

Though, the kids were in the classroom, when Oguike and her team got to the home, however, the home was presented with four sacks of clothes, 32 tubers of yam, four cartons of bread and cash gifts.

Oguike’s little daughter, Cherish also donated her pocket money of N2,000 to the children.

Giving a brief history of the home, the receptionist, Toke said that the home was founded on 17, December 1958 by late American nurse,  Chief Mrs. Irene Virginia Willoughby to care for the orphaned, destitute, less privileged, abandoned children and motherless children. The late Willoughby came with her missionary parents and decided to stay back as she loved Nigeria. Though she never had a child of her own, she started the home in Ota with a three months old baby who she bequeathed the running of the home in 1992. Irene Willoughby died at the ripe age of 91 in 1995.

Dissatisfied with the running of the home, the first child, Dr. Victoria Abosede Obakoya who married an American Nigerian, Dr. Obakoya also returned from the United States to run the home. Unfortunately, she fell ill during the covid lockdown and couldn’t travel because of the pandemic that restricted flights around the globe. She succumbed to the cold hands of death two years ago at the age of 61. Her husband came home to bury his wife but died last year due to the shock of the death of his wife. However, before his death, he made adequate arrangement of five people who were product of the home as board of trustees for the running of the home.

The home is currently run by Dr. John Willoughby.

It is instructive to know that the home that currently have 157 children who are at different stages of their academic pursuits have a unifying surname; Willoughby. And they don’t marry themselves.

Explaining what informed her kind gesture, Oguike said: “I actually started with the widows but at a time, I diverted my attention more to children. Though, I didn’t start today. From my childhood, I have always loved to be with the less privileged children because as a kid, I celebrate with them during festive seasons. So, I grew up with that mentality. I thank God for His mercies. I also want the children to know that they have people – brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and most of all, God. I love them so much.”

After the visitation of the home, the team in company of Michael Nwafijoku, President of International foundation for African Children partnering with Saran –Ify international childcare foundation went to Anglican Grammar (Junior) School, Ota to fumigate the classrooms before resumption.

Nwafijoku further speaks about the reason for their action. He said: “We noticed that of recent when children resume school, they get sick often and once one child picks up a sickness, it starts moving to the next one. At the end of the day, half of them are in the hospital within the school calendar year. We now noticed that perhaps there are some medical issues we have not looked into. We campaign for free school fees, free books but what about their health? It is somebody who is alive that can study. That is why we are here to help in terms of fumigation and once you fumigate, some of those thongs which we cannot physically see are being killed. At least to some extent, let us play our own part maybe, as time goes on, government will see the need any time children wants to resume to do proper fumigation in their schools.”

The saranIfy foundation also fed beggars on the streets of Iya Ipaja.

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