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Dr. Chuks Adizue Delves Into Food Business

by Newstimesafrica

Dr. Adizue

Despite the economic downturn, some people are still making a statement in providing jobs for the teeming populace.

One of such is Dr. Chuks Adizue, Chairman Chukwudo Group.  Adizue who has his hands in many business pies has delved into the Food segment of his many businesses. Under the Drimagil Foods, Adizue also known as Oke Nwa Na’Nnobi recently set the Agidimgbi axis and its environs thirsty for organic food with his recently opened Bakery and Grills at the popular Bamboo Plaza.

Known in the business circles for his knack for excellence, the Anambra born merchant also fondly called Omo Wonbiliki has made a name for himself under the Chukwudo Group in different areas of endeavours like construction, media services, prints, mechanized farming and food processing.

Though he is yet to make it official, there are strong indications that the over six feet tall Adizue may throw his hat in the rings in the nearest people to further serve his people in another bigger capacity,

However, for now, he is steadily working assiduously in adding value to his numerous services.



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