I am Culturally-Perfect Now – Ex Igbo Queen, Choice Amajuoyi

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Loloigbo, Choice Amajuoyi

By Austin-fair Nwaulu

Few years ago when Choice Amajuoyi, aka, Loloigbo, joined the queue of other beautiful but language and culture-conscious girls to vie for a contest that seeks to project the dying banner binding the Igbos together, little did she know that she would emerge victorious.

After a keenly contested event that took place at the prestigious The Dome in Enugu, the pretty and unassuming Mass Communications graduate, just fresh from the higher institution then, clinched the title.

The event witnessed by Igbo greats which included legendary actor, Pete Edochie, Prof. Peter Ejiofor, highlife legend, Mike Ejeagha and a host of others, became a huge springboard for her.

And having religiously-completed her tenure as a culture queen whose brief revolved round all the Igbo-speaking areas, Choice who was into acting before the contest, has become one of the sought-after actresses in Nollywood.

In this interview with Newstimesafrica, the cultural ambassador and designer, opens up on life as an erstwhile Igbo Queen, Nollywood actress and a wide range of other issues.


Against all odds, you won the Loloigbo, Igbo Beauty Queen, contest a few years ago. How’s the experience while your reign lasted?

I must state that I gained a lot serving as the Loloigbo. I thank God for everything. It broadened my knowledge of the complete Igbo heritage. It gave me an opportunity to meet and work with many Igbos, rich and poor. It also gave me the chance to serve humanity in its true perspective. I gave back to society creditably well.

What have you been doing since your reign ended?

I went back to my movie career and modeling. However, my modeling has to do with fashion and products mainly. I also produce creative materials for traditional attires for marriages, musicals, birthdays and movies under my outfit, Ama-tuama.

How are you doing in the movie industry, do you also produce or just acting?

I have not started producing but acting for now. I give God all the glory for the breakthroughs so far. And I feature mostly in Igbo films for obvious reasons. As an ambassador of the language and culture, producers feel I am cool and can deliver more here. All the same, I still do Igbo movies.

I have done more than ten movies since I came back fully and from the little experience I have garnered, I can say that Nollywood is quite challenging and needs seriousness, determination, discipline and focus,

I have not been negatively treated in the arena say by way of sexual harassment or any other form of assault. This is because, I don’t show desperation but take things gradually, knowing pretty well that I will get to the top one day. A lot of producers admire my self-confidence too and show respect.

You seem to operate more in the Eastern zone of the country than say, Lagos. Why?

This my answer may sound funny but it’s true. I used to dread Lagos because of its traffic. But I can no longer avoid the hub of entertainment especially with the deluge of movie making that goes on there. In fact, I’m waiting to get my first movie invitation to Lagos now and I will hit the city.

What is your target in the industry, where do you want to reach and what impact do u think you can make?

I want to make the difference both as an actress and a producer. I want to change the orientation and culture too, something that is obtainable to world standard. All I need now  is just the support, financially and morally.

You were said to be making plans to host a programme, ‘’NGALA IGBO’’. First, what’s it all about and how far have you gone with the arrangements?

It is simply a programme where I promote our cultural values, with Igbo creative costumes on parade. This year’s edition holding in December will truly define our culture in its presentation and we are bringing in the best schools to participate for the first time.

Where is the place of marriage in your life as you face these challenges?

There is plan for marriage. Yes, I have plans for it. Why not! And I would alert the world when the time comes. One thing is to have someone that understands you and the nature of your job. I know I will have someone that will not be a distraction to the things I am doing.




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