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Uzo Preaches Love, Blast World Leaders With ‘One People’

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Uzo and Bio

Manager of late reggae musician, Majek Fashek, Omenka Uzoma Day is fuming. His angst is about the happenings in the world today. In his newly released song, ‘One People’ Uzoma Day who is popularly known as Uzo appealed to world leaders to make life easy for their people.

Explaining what inspired ‘One People,’ Uzo who is CEO, Miracle Day Music said: “I shot the video in the UK for a reason though I did the production in Nigeria. The video director is a British citizen of Hong Kong descent, the cameramen is from Iraq, the other instrumentalist is from Afghaniatsan and the other from Russia. I also chose Camden because of its tourist attarction. You see people from different part of the world there. I did some shot at Canary Wharf.

It has high time the world desists from disunity, dishonesty, propaganda, division, tribalism, zenophobia, religious intolerance, racism. I classify all these as venom. It is what you tell your children that they grow with. A lot of these problems are what is in their heads.

At times I wonder the purpose of ammunition if it is not a money making venture because if there is no war, ammunition would not be sold.

Then you talk about what I call ‘Diplomatic Backlog.’ The earth is the Lords and everything in it. People apply for visa and they are refused at the discreation of the consular without any cogent consideration. It is so bad that as an international musician, I have to travel with my full band. In a situation where they give few people in the band and don’t give the rest visa, how do you expect the artiste to perform optimally? It kills the morale. Some artiste say that action as discriminatory. I shot a video in England, I paid the video director, I paid venue, models, I am pumping money into the economy. They should also make hotel refund. When they pay so much, you just look at people and take decision. In some embassies they keep your application for three months to one year.

“I am trying to speak to everyone with my songs. Even the so called pandemic is a money making scheme. Not that covid is not real; it is but how can I pay to do covid test when I do not have it? I pay for that here and when I arrive I pay for hotel and big money to be quarantined including feeding and the rest. It ought to be free. We were told that two jabs of the vaccine would do, what then is the need for the quarantine? Governments of the world should reduce the panic. However, I believe that the cure is in Africa.”

Continuing, Uzo added: “The world is not normal. In some countries why are their laws in favour of women than men in terms of divorce?  Many women are using it to kick out men making money from child support and government. Agreed, women ought to respected but many of them are taking adavantage of the law and sending men broke. We also have rapists everywhere.

I was invited to perform at the ebony award in the UK where a lot of dignitaries attended. I could see the passion of Her excellency Fatima Jabbe –Bio, First Lady of Sierra Leon about the African children when she made her speech.

Even our own Ambassador in the UK was not left out in the gospel of unity.

If government does the needful, all these agitations would become a thing of the past.”

Thank the ambassador of Nigeria in the UK. He said Nigeria indeoendent is aty the corner. The youths are not happy with government. All thses agiotaion will end if government does the needful.

Uzo has eight singles currently enjoying rave reviews on the Miracle Day Music label which include Walk without You (dedicated to the memory of Majek Fashek); God bless Lagos; Celebrate; Merciful God and Zion Africa.


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Irene Eribi September 6, 2021 - 3:31 pm

It was a honour to have Uzo perform at our event in London (Miss E.B.O.N.Y Ambassador Pageant)


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