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Fans Blasts Alex Okubo On Leaked Conversation With Fancy

by Newstimesafrica

Ekubo and Acholonu

Following the leaked tape conversation between Alex Okunbo and Fancy Acholonu, a lot of people especially online ‘Inlaws’ are not happy with the tape saying that Okunbo behaved childishly.

The tape which surfaced on the internet after series of explanations from Fancy about their relationship was purportedly to give his side of the story concerning the public apology Acholonu did, Okunbo was heard having a conversation with Acholonu ‘carefully’ making his points with the mindset that he is recording Acholonu who obviously didn’t know she was being recorded.

Fans are having none of that as some of them have expressed themselves concerning the matter.

Miffed with Okunbo’s action, a student, Etete Etim said: “That guy is not ok. How can you record a conversation with somebody you intend to marry to achieve what. He was the only one talking not allowing her to express herself so that he can show it as evidence to achieve what? She is lucky they didn’t marry, she would have seen hell in that marriage.”

Paul Ike says, “Can you imagine nonsense! If I were that guy’s friends, I will give him a great deal of distance because I may not know if he may be recording our conversations on phone. He cannot be trusted. If he can do that to his fiancée, then nobody’s secret is safe with him.”

From all indications more revelations are likely to be made in the ongoing messy saga.


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