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Bajo Foundation Founder, Tunde Biletiri Renovates Zone 5 Police Cell

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When you are charitable and compassionate by nature; when you don’t belong to class of humans that repay evil with evil; When  you don’t allow human mischievous behavioural pattern to determine you action and reactions, even when you are deeply offended and hurt,  your innate generosity and kindness will always find a way of making you calm to be at peace with yourself and humanity in general.


This simple analogy best describes the young and versatile media entrepreneur and entertainment afficionado, Tunde Biletiri who recently took it upon himself to turn the hitherto cranky Cell  of the Nigerian Police Force, Zone 5, Benin City into an ultramodern correctional facility fit for human habitation.


According to sources familiar with the project, Tunde Biletiri embarked on the complete renovation of the Police detention Zone 5, on the platform of BAJO FOUNDATION, the charity arm of his  burgeoning media organisation.


It would be recalled that in 2019, Tunde Biletiri, who is the Publisher/CEO of the wave-making Black Celebrity Magazine, was unjustly arrested and detained on trump up charges after a mafia-like conspiracy against him by those he erroneously took as friends.

When he was picked up by men of  the Nigeria Police, he thought it was going to be a sprint as he believed he never wronged anyone but lo and Behold, it turned out to be a marathon as he ended up spending a whooping six months in detention.


But as they used to say in South West Nigeria, “if lies trend for 20 years, the truth catch up with it one day”.


Again as the Holy books put it, “For everything under the Sun, there is a reason”,

During his stay with the Police at the time of his travails, his eyes were totally opened to the very terrible condition detainees were held in Police custodies across the nation.

His experience at that period   turned out to be a complete eye-opener that made him understand the main reason God allowed him to be detained in that Police Cell in Benin.

It was during this period that visionary Tunde Biletiri  made up his mind to take up the task of renovating the particular cell where he was detained in 2019.

The ultramodern renovation of the cell therefore is a fulfilment of the promised he made to himself at the peak of his travails.


According to a statement on his social media walls, Tunde Biletiri revealed that “It is heart warming to have the privilege of contributing to the process of effecting a positive change in our society, BAJO FOUNDATION under my humble leadership has just completed the total renovation and upgrading Cell 5, one of the facilities of Nigeria Police Force in Benin City. This initiative emanated from my experience at the centre in 2019. Kudos to the Nigeria Police for doing their best even under less-than-standard working conditions. BAJO FOUNDATION will continue its focus on making the working conditions of our law enforcement officers better while also campaigning against oppression and intimidation of defenceless citizens of Nigeria. Our next project is to build a Digital Centre in some of our Correctional Centres. BAJO FOUNDATION is embarking on this novel project in honor of the memory of Late Prophet T. B. Joshua. Thank you all”_*.


Tunde Biletiri is an intensely talented and gifted individual  who understands the power of good relationships, vision and dilligence. Apart from running BAJO FOUNDATION and Black Celebrity Magazine, he is into Music and entertainment promotions, property development and other high end businesses.





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