Opinion: As The ‘’Yes Men’’ Saunter Into NASS

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From all indications when the much-awaited 9th National Assembly finally kicks off today, one can easily paint a picture of what it will look like in advance.

It surely will be devoid of men and women that know the pros and cons of legislative duties. Nay, people who know the job but have been heavily compromised to do the correct thing.

Suffice it to say that we are going to have the dullest National Assembly in the history of Nigeria. The indices appeared from the first day after the last elections. The embattled ruling party’s Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, didn’t mince words when, in his characteristic, he vowed that the party will usurp all the key positions in both chambers.

Of course the party has gone further to choose some of the candidates that would man these positions without caring whose ox was gored. Ahmed Lawan and Femi Gbajiamila for the Senate and House of Representatives respectively are their choice candidates.

The ruling APC has no clear cut reason for the such strange usurpation except that it also won the majority of seats in the house even as lawyers and experts keep arguing that same is not the norm elsewhere.

Meanwhile, it does not matter to the party if Nigerians are comfortable with arrangement or not. The immediate past assembly got faulted and called names on several occasions for acting as an arm of government and not a rubber stamp for whatever comes from the Executive.

Fellow Nigerians, there is danger in the land. I see danger. ‘Wahala Dey’ [apologies to Tuface Idibia]. Very soon everything will become boring and monotonous. If they say we should marry two wives, eat frog or worship monkey, nobody will oppose it. That is starring us in the face just in case you don’t know.

So, go ahead and support the oddities because of party affiliation or sympathy, ‘’na me and you go suffer am!’’. We welcome them, all the same even as the jamboree continues. If you are waiting to hear that they’ve cut down on their bogus salaries and allowances, sit there because the jamboree continues.

Kelechi Iheanacho as the scapegoat

I thought I heard something like ‘’Kelechi is back and better, more disciplined’’ from the Super Eagles handler, Rohr, as the team started their preparations for the impending AFCON tournament slated for Egypt in less than two weeks’ time.

That gladdened the heart of many Nigerians and his teeming fans who consequently, expected to have a little feel of the Leicester City of England striker last Saturday in the friendly match against Zimabwe. No show.  He was not considered for even a minute!

However, little did anyone know that he had been marked and handed the red card already. How are the mighty fallen and even in his own father’s land where he fully to belongs. I have not also forgotten that the same Gernot Rohr once pleaded with his coaches in England to help rebuild his depreciating career by giving him enough playing time.

But here he is in his own land and he can’t find succor. Without any chance to prove himself, he’s been given the kiss off in a most embarrassing manner. And by a foreigner who believes in experimentations than anything. A coach that is paid more than any Nigerian even as he almost operates from his home country of Germany. Didn’t Kelechi feature in his club’s last rncounter with Manchester City?

As far as I’m concerned, Rohr is not a good coach and in control or, how many local players has he discovered? He believes in readymade. Unfortunately his cup is full. He is on the prowl with a questionable team and only God will see the team through to a reasonable stage in the competition.

As for those in support of Kelechi’s misfortune out of jealousy and hatred, the boy has tried in his short spell with the round leather game. Even if he quits football today, he may never lack in life. They should strive to attain his height first.

Howbeit, who doesn’t know where the ‘’order’’ came from. Sorry, the original team list. Didn’t the Flying Eagles coach, Paul Aigbogun lay it bare that he went with the third list in their woeful outing in Poland recently. Now, use your tongue to count your teeth


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