Opinion: That Attack On Ekweremadu And Hailers’ Reactions

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Miscreants abound everywhere. They are made up of mostly the illiterate, dropout, neglected, the abandoned and hungry who often get frustrated and strike at will.  Colour, race, ethnicity or language, do not suffice their dictionary.

They are simply hoodlums who have continued to wreak havoc on human beings, properties and anything they can lay their hands on even without the slightest provocation.

All over the world, over the ages, miscreants who metamorphose into something more daring like terrorism, banditory and kidnapping remain a big threat to world peace.

Now, last Sunday’s attack on Senator Ike Ekweremadu in far away Germany and the reactions that trailed it in some quarters, sent a dangerous signal to every right thinking Nigerian. Check them out, many conjured worrying tribal and political colouration. It was trivialized too.

It was callous and an act of ingratitude. Besides, anybody can be attacked at anywhere and time. So it’s not peculiar to Chief Ekweremadu. After all, even sitting and former presidents and other biggies had been attacked and sometimes killed with all their security apparatus.

But in this case, everybody especially from the other political divide sort of mocked, rather than condemn the attack. It’s amateur video was also shared indiscriminately for mischievous reasons maybe. In fact hastily-made statements from above sounded suspect too.

So was the mockery social media as some of the attack dogs feasted on it apparently to achieve a selfish interest. It was like a boom day to them. They did not just celebrate but battled to outwit one another!

Yes, it happened and worth reporting. But why mock with it, why add tribal sentiments and even politicize it?  And to the people that also alluded that he was ‘mercilessly beaten, are they not ashamed now? The man is back looking even fresher, hale and hearty. Is there any mark on his face or entire body?

Nigerians, let’s get serious before this country will collapse on our hands

It was an act of ingratitude to say the least. But let’s think before we leap.


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