Opinion: The Mess At NASS And Our Future

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The Mess At NASS And Our Future


If you were able to spare some time to watch the now famous ‘’Take a Bow and Go’’ drama at Senate while it lasted in the name of Ministerial Screening, you must have agreed with those you hitherto label ’wailers’ that truly,  there is no hope for this country yet.

You must have also agreed and believe that the 9th Assembly is not a bed of roses after all. That it is not better than the previous ones They have performed two visible ’rubber stamp’ acts in quick successions!  And this is just the beginning. We are going to have them for four good years The interference with the Edo Assembly impasse will be the third.

Isn’t this pure mess and sign of failure? Didn’t some Nigerians predict nay, fear that this NASS was going to be a rubber stamp? And what are we seeing now. Gone were the days when men were men and, and aside from handling matters rightly, there was something positive to cheer about while watching the proceedings on TV.

In this case, they engaged all the television stations to beam the sessions live and thought that Nigerians would seat at home to watch such a joke.  Very soon, these stations would shun them and their money because they would have become bad market for anybody to want to identify with.

Ok, just take a cursory look at the entire NASS and check if there is anything inviting and enticing there. Even their dress sense is bunkum and so uncoordinated. They are paid so much money for doing nothing and so they can afford to use five men’s material to sew one babanriga which dominates the two houses now.

Like majority of the ministers they screened, these men are even too old and spent to do anything tangible. So, it is not only because we have more of ‘’yes’’ men in the house that things have turned sour, the occupants don’t want to retire out of greed. If you watch closely during each plenary, you will notice that some of them sleep on ’duty’. Now they have proceeded on two months’ vacation [how long have they worked] to spend away some of the largesse! They must have planned their jamborees.

On a serious note, this charade must stop. Can’t the constitution that permits nonstop tenures and ‘anyhow’ people be reviewed? This present system is too expensive and worthless for us to keep operating. The house looks like a market in the first place.

Showbiz impresario and creative designer, Charles Imoloame captures the worsening situation thus: ‘’The tragedy with leadership in Nigeria is that those who have progressive ideas are not in power, while those in power have no ideas. Even when the people have a chance to change the situation, they still go back and elect those people with no ideas…’’

Don’t blame the people. They are constrained to do it. How many people can afford ordinary LGA registration form?


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