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I’m Still Very Active In Nollywood – Emeka Okoro     

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Emeka Okoro



Though some of his peers are still way popular and some others  are no longer in the business but Emeka Okoro who came into limelight in 1995 with his tough guy roles has said that he is still much in the acting business.

Though on the cool side, the actor who is currently working on his eight track – gospel songs album; The Encounter and has produced a Christian movie; Flee says that he is a regular feature on screen. Hear him: “Nowadays, you know, it depends on the channel you are tuned to or watching. I mean with the proliferation of satellite TV providers and cable networks, one can hardly put one’s foot down on one movie channel one watches on consistent basis any more. So, I’m still active in the movie industry. For those who subscribe to ROK/ IROKO movies they will see new movies I have done with them. I have also done other ones. I have also been a media practitioner from time while acting.”

On his songs, he has this to say: “I have had the music talent in me but expressing it was the thing.  I had songs I composed and kept. The drive wasn’t really there then to express them but now that I am born again, I found the motivation and inspiration to hit the road with the talent. As a matter of fact, my encounter with Christ predicated my new status and now I’m having and loving this relationship with God. So through the gospel songs I am set to evangelise, praise and worship the One who saved me.”



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