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Imisin: Sola Allyson Stages Superlative Performance As She Drops 10th Album

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With the feat of releasing her 10th album titled, Imisi, folk and gospel singer and songwriter, Sola Allyson recently staged an electrifying performance for a graceful journey.

Held at the Marcellina’s Place, GRA, IKeja, Allyson who burst into the music scene in 2003 with her hit album, Eji Owuro has produced 10 albums in 19 years.

Speaking about her evolution, she said: “My 10th album is not really different from what I have been doing before. There is a way that I write my songs with a theme of hope, encouragement, worship of the Almighty, of love and all of that, it is just that things are getting better technically but the spirit is the spirit always.

What keeps me inspired is purpose. I get inspired all the time because I am always ready to receive. I play but I don’t trifle away with my time. I am very intentional about the things that I do and I am conscious that inspiration can come to me at any point and I am always ready to receive. Some songs that I wrote in my album now are songs I have received long before now.

Imisi was released on July 7. It has eight tracks which are talking about the worship of God, being open to the direction of the spirit of God, giving thanks to God among others. I am deliberate on how I express myself. I don’t allow the knowledge and skill I have gathrered over the years to erode on the originalty and I am not singing for singing sake. I am in the entertainment industry but I am not an entertainer. My music soothes intuitive listening.  From my first album till now I have been intentional of passing the true knowledge of the almighty God.”

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