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Joy Tambou Returns To Nollywood Says Sex Is Free

by Newstimesafrica

Joy Tambou

Curvy Nollywood actress and producer, Joy Tambou is back.

Tambou who went on sabbatical to attend to other pressing matters has returned to her first love –acting. Infact, she has featured in over eight flicks in this year alone and still counting.

She is a shot in the industry in Asaba nowadays that directors are constantly engaging her services as she is shooting back to back intepreting her roles convingcingly and professionally.

She has featured among others in flicks such as Bliss of Kamara, Ukwu Mango, Expensive Bachelor, Seven Daughters, Grass to Grace, Cassanova, Diary of a Corpoer, Tattered, Duty Post, Unavoidable Blunder, Tyrant King etc.

Asked of her opinion about the rampant sex stories involving Nollywood practitioners, Tambou says: “Sex is free. If you want to give you give. Sex is not by force, if you are saying that some people are looking for sex, Nollywood producers are looking for sex? They should know that it is about choice. I don’t think there is anybody forcing anybody for sex but you know we have a lot of desperate actors and actresses who just want to appear in movies. All they think about is sex. If you want sex everybody will take sex from you. You don’t have to give sex to get to where you are going especially in these days when the internet is so open and everybody is successful doing their skits and all that. Sex is free. Stop blaming producers, stop blaming people that they are requesting for sex. There is no sector in this world that they don’t request for sex but the thing is it is not just in Nollywood alone, it is everywhere. You go to the bank people request for sex, in politics, law firm, everywhere.”

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