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Lead Producer@Peekaboo Productions, Unveils 2003 Film, Slate

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Building on the box office successes of the past decade, Darlington Abuda, the lead Producer at Peekaboo Productions, one of the leading production companies in Nigeria, this week unveiled the company’s 2023 movie slate which features an eclectic lineup of films. Accompanied by a short promotional trailer, the announcement presented the world with some of the company’s 2023 projects, including The Illustrator, My Boyfriend is a spy, All in one night and Japa.


Darlington Abuda, who was named the highest grossing producer for 2010-2019 and also for 2021, said he was super excited at the prospects for Nollywood that was possible in 2023 given the high quality of movies that the industry was currently churning out as well as the positive reception of Nollywood movies both within and without Nigeria.


Speaking on the company’s plans for the year, Darlington said Peekaboo Productions has continued to grow by leaps and bounds every year, by taking on exciting new projects and working with top-of-the-line production companies including Corporate World Entertainment Limited, Filmone Entertainment, Rok Studios, Williams Uchemba Productions, and Umenze Media to name a few. “but this year is really going to be impressive because we are taking things a notch higher with a full slate of creatively explorative projects that will all make an avantgarde statements because each film will be unique, interesting characters and compelling storytelling will be the common denominators in every title that will be produced by the company this year.


In addition to the film slate, Darlington said Peekaboo Productions will also be working and collaborating with some partners to produce movies for theatrical and streaming platforms. “After an unprecedented year for Nollywood with great box office strides as people lost their fear of covid and the cinemas once again started recording good numbers, we are open and excited to also work with willing Investors to create titles that will be a sumptuous feast to the eyes”.


He went on to say that as an incubator helping to launch the careers of the next generation of creatives, he will be working with some selected Directors, producers and actors to ensure that there is a always a pool of talents in the industry. “It’s hard, as for emerging creatives, to find safe, on-going mentorship and providing online and direct guidance is part of our goals for this year, and they were able to receive creative and strategic guidance.”


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