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Let’s Give It To ‘’Naija Gal’’

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Austin-Fair Nwaulu

Hers is a typical example of the grass to grace and rags to riches tales. Ngozi Udenevo, to those who know her story, started from nowhere as ‘’nobody’’.

But today she is gradually becoming a household name. Forget about riches for now. its on the way.

Desirous to make it in life, Ngozi as ‘’Naija Gal’’ began by queuing into the entertainment industry and social circuit generally. She clutched onto the ‘Facebook’, using the platform to mirror the insiders ‘’from birth to death’’. Today, she has become an entrepreneur of some sort. No longer thinking of where her next meal will come from at least.

She also conceived the annual award ceremony, MSAA, now in its sixth edition, which has witnessed a massive turnaround in terms of recognition. Every year, the programme carefully pens down the names of great achievers in various fields and places and brings them on the spotlight.

This year’s edition was held last Sunday and as usual, different personalities were present to receive their awards amidst glitz and glamour.

Talk about creativity. Now, isn’t she’s worth emulating in the face of the rising job insecurities in the land? How about the temptation to join the odd world?



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