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Mayor Lucky Igbokwe Promises Turnaround For Abia As He Picks PDP Guber Form

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Philanthrophist and businessman, Mayor Lucky Igbokwe has announced fresh plans to turn the fortunes of Abi State around as he picks expression of interest and nomination form purchased by a group of friends under aegis of ‘Concerned Friends of Mayor Lucky Igbokwe.’


Speaking on behalf of the group, Hon. Kaycee Onuzuruike, Deputy-Chief Whip of the Abia State House of Assembly, stated that the support stems from goodwill and a desire to serve the good people of Abia state.


Mayor Lucky Igbokwe (also known as Don Lulu) is a renowned businessman and philanthropist from Abia State, Nigeria. He is the CEO of the media and entertainment company, 2Flame Media Group. He is also the CEO of several other companies, including Lucion Towers Construction, Kedu TV LLC, the Don Lulu Foundation, and Green Peace Nigeria.


In his words, the 41-year-old Abia State governorship aspirant says he will lead the State to enviable heights. He also stated that Abia will have a council of eminent personalities drawn from all strata of society to help oversee its policies under his leadership.


Speaking while receiving the form, the 41-year-old Abia State governorship aspirant, declared that through transformational leadership, Abia State would be revolutionized to a level that it would become the envy of other states. He also stated that Abia will have a council of eminent personalities drawn from all strata of society to help oversee its policies under his leadership.


Igbokwe announced. “My decision to run is borne out of hunger and desire to add value and impetus. This is against the backdrop of the yearnings of the entire people of Abia State, who believe in the youths as an option and to take Abia to the much-desired place. The cries and wishes for good governance and inclusiveness is that Abia take its rightful place in the comity of States. I decided to run following calls from stakeholders, including the downtrodden, traditional rulers and eminent sons and daughters of Abia State. I, therefore take up the gauntlet, to stand in the gap to shield our people from any form of hopelessness.”


He continued: “Having seen the roles and contributions of our past leaders, there’s no gainsaying that they have done their best, but I’m here to reinvigorate our spirits, minds and souls to help achieve a better life for all. I have watched a common denominator in believing in the youths as it is said, that a State that carries along her youths prepares them for a better future”


“Without the efforts of the past leadership, however, it has become necessary that I bridge the gap, restore stability, and rebuild the confidence of our youths and the good people of our state. To that extent, I have joined in this race with my full chest. While I appreciate other people who aspire for this same position, however, I pledge as a better option, to galvanize the young people, the men and women of Abia State, to instil a sense of belonging in our administration, which will bring hope and pride to our people”.


Igbokwe added that he possesses the requisite skills and experience required to harness the vast resources in the State for productive and developmental purposes. He disclosed, “My team and I are ready to turn around the fortunes of the State by revolutionizing all the sectors of governance with a focus on the masses. If given the PDP ticket and elected governor, I will reposition Abia for economic prosperity by creating the enabling environment for industry to thrive, with a better approach to internally generated revenue that would reduce dependence on federation allocations.”


“Education will be one of the major objectives of my aspiration, the sector will be reformed to include not only the building of schools but also the provision of incentives to teachers.”


“We’ll revisit the farm settlements, improve and empower the youth in particular and our people in general, through agriculture, the creative industries will receive a massive boost under our watch. Tourism will be made more attractive and visitors will come to experience our beautiful cultural heritage and sites. We’ll escalate the commercial viability of our markets to unprecedented new levels with improved infrastructure and security.”


“Abia will become the ICT hub in West Africa during our tenure. We shall enhance the road networks and improve transportation. We are very committed with passion to making sure that Abia occupies its rightful position in the comity of states in the country.”

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