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My Music Is Tool For Youth Empowerment -Dansalk

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To leverage his music as a tool for youth engagement, a rising artiste, Dansalk has empowered young talents with cash rewards as part of a campaign to promote his new single, Eje Ble Je (Knock Knock).


Ejeh Nation, a record label owned by the artiste took held a dance battle at Akure Township Stadium, a major highlight of a campaign which was preceded by a street rally. After a rigorous challenge for the $5,000 prize, Jamsrock, a young talent emerge as winner with loads of cash rewards going out to other lucky winners.


Dansalk explained, “Music is a universal language that everyone understands and my intention is to use the song to engage our youths. To achieve this, I created a dance battle event alongside side other sports like basketball within our community with cash prices and many more to encourage our people and also my own way of given back to my people.”


Underpinning his inspiration for the single, the artiste disclosed, “The song Ejeh ble je was made out of passion for humanity. It was made to encourage or remind our self that no matter what we’re going through there’s always a breakthrough. Staying focus, being real consistent is the key. My intention was to spread love, happiness and togetherness via my track Eje Ble Jeh (Knock Knock) as it’s a very danceable song.”


Born Danjuma Salawu-Muhammed, the singer’s early life dates back to a childhood at Okefia Police Barracks neighbourhood of Osogbo, the capital city of Osun State, South West of Nigeria. However, the singer hails from Adavi Local Government in the North Central State of Kogi State.




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