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My Ugly Encounter With Police In Lekki — ID Cabasa

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ID Cabasa

Music producer, Olumide Ogunade, popularly known as ID Cabasa has shared how he was slapped by a policeman while he was trying to settle an issue between a Uber driver and the owner of a Range rover in Lagos.

ID Cabasa via his Instagram handle revealed that he was not the only one slapped by the policeman, as the driver of the Uber he was in was also physically assaulted on the directive of the Range rover owner.

He said the incident happened on Tuesday night around a lounge in Lekki. He claimed that the policemen involved were providing security for a nightclub near the lounge.

The music producer, who had worked with the singer, 9ice said, ” This night a young fellow Nigerian guy driving a Range rover sport drove rough nearly hitting the Uber I was in on my way back home with a friend.

“The Uber guy was so scared and was trying to talk to the Range guy but (it was a) typical rich-man-poor-man tussle. The Range guy overtook us and asked police guys guarding a club near Bay Lounge to slap the driver.

“I came down to have a conversation with the Range guy and in all sincerity, we were having a gentleman’s discussion before the police guy he spoke to earlier started pushing me and guarding me against talking to the guy!

“In a nutshell, the police guy SLAPPED me!!!!

“Then people gathered, recognized me and bam he started begging!!!”



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