Ambassadors Of Voice Of Change Initiative Launches Campaign On National Peace And Unity

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In its own contributions in promoting unity and discouraging fake news and hate speeches about the true situation of Nigerians and Nigeria, the Ambassadors for Voice of Change Initiative (AVICN) have launched a campaign to put the record straight.

With a public presentation of a documentary on national unity to the media recently, the AVICN which is not a non-partisan group made a profound statement of its desire to change the narrative perception in the polity.

According to the vice president, Ambassadors of Voice of Change Initiative Nigeria, top actor, producer and director, Andy Chukwu, the initiative established in 2017 is to initiate change in the national life of Nigerians politically, socially, economically and culturally.

He said: “To continually accomplish our objective of achieving a societal change through attitudinal behavior and reorientation, we engage in community mobilization, public awareness, collaborations and outreach programmes. We espouse the gaps that expand our religious and tribal divides. For us, the aim is to ensure that Nigerians live freely, peacefully and united wherever they chose to reside within the country. We collaborate with strategic partners, groups and importantly, relevant government agencies, NGOs, Civil Society, Faith based and security organizations to ensure that a good number of people get our message of peace and unity.

It is a common knowledge that tribe, ethnicity and religion have divided us more than they should have united us. Oftentimes, the songs of war, violence and separation are so deafening that one wonders if Nigeria will ever remain one united nation. There is fear too that Nigerians hardly co-exist or habit peacefully.

There is also concern that Nigerians do not live in peace in places other than their states of origin. AVCIN therefore undertook the national peace project to show peaceful co-existence among Nigerians across the cities and towns in the nation. Yes, there may be pockets of problems as typical of humans but the issues are usually exaggerated.

“It is to dispel these negative narratives about Nigeria that AVCIN engaged in this peace project. We went round the states to see things for ourselves. We interviewed people – big, small, private and public personalities – just to hear from them. So, we went to Enugu, Kano, Lagos, Calabar, Bauchi and Abuja. The reasons for this effort are to be among others dismiss erroneous narratives portraying Nigeria as a violent nation and also promote the investment opportunities in the country before the international community.

We should say ‘NO’ to fake news and hate speech and avoid tendencies that will bring violence and anarchy in our country. We have no other country than this. We can join hands to make Nigeria great.”

Other dignitaries present at the event included Ejike Asiegbu, Chdi Nwokeabia, Emeka Enyiocha (media/publicity AVCIN), Charles Inojie, Okoro Nwachukwu, Peter Oboyi (Barr), Chief Evelyn Okere and Ifeoma Okeke.



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