Because God Re-Elected Buhari, There Will Be A Better Nigeria –Apostle Sediq

Apostle Sediq

Senior pastor of Christ Holy Mountain Ministries Ikotun Lagos, Apostle Moses Sediq who gave a prophecy on the re-emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari as the nation’s number one citizen has assured that his re-emergence is divine saying that the country is on the right path.

Apostle Sediq revealed this prophesy last year during the launching of his book ‘Satan Must Leave The Earth,’ that Atiku has the winning grace but without mercy while Buhari has the winning grace with mercy.

He further said that God is not ready to take the mantle from APC except if Atiku obeys what God would ask him to do. Most men of God want to raise back to life what God has decided to kill, no man or prophet can raise what God has not brought to life.Tthe bible says God kills and He maketh alive. It was God that rejected Saul even while he was still on the throne. Samuel begged God on Saul’s behalf and God asked Samuel why he should beg fior a man He has rejected.

Some so called men of God should be careful of what they say of what God says. “Allow God to speak through you. Atiku has not yet fought the right battle. After the election, power will change hands and at the end of the day, he will say I was cheated on, therefore I disagree.”

Apostle Sediq added that it is only God that has the power to rule over the nation not man. “President Buhari is not the problem of Nigeria, change Buhari, more corrupt leaders will emerge. We are the one using our mouth to curse this nation, there is no suffering in Nigeria, our suffering comes from our mouth, the ability to bless Buhari our leader will make us a blessed country. It is God that placed him there as the president of this great nation.

Sediq urge Nigerians to accept that good thing can come out of Nazareth. He says: “God can use Buhari to do a better thing in Nigeria. The whole of Nigeria should start believing in God using Buhari to change Nigeria for the better. There will be a better Nigeria because God re-elected Buhari. There will be a better breakthrough, better favour, and so many investors would come and they will be a blessing to this country. (Newstimesafrica)


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