Between Jerry Amilo and ‘Smackdown Pastor, Odumeje

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From all indications, it seems veteran actor, Jerry Amilo has finally found another of his hidden talents in spirituality.

One wonders how he manages to combine his first love-acting to his new found ‘job’ of becoming what the Igbos call ‘Otinkpu’ for the controversial Onitsha -based miracle preacher, Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere popularly known as ‘Odumeje, The Lion.’

These days, Amilo is seen most times in company of the preacher whose method of healing is akin to some dare-devil maneuvers one watches on television executed by professional entertainment wrestlers. Odumeje is also fond of spraying wads of Nigerian and foreign currency indiscriminately and dancing to raunchy secular songs.

As a matter of fact, Amilo is so close to Odumeje, founder of Mountain Of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry, Onitsha that one cannot tell if he is one of his numerous body guards or second in command or both.

Though Zubby Michael is also close to Odumeje but not as close as Amilo.

As one observer said; “Maybe Amilo is currently being trained to take over from Odumeje or to head a yet to be opened branch for him to manage.”

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