Choice Creations Fully Set As The New Year Picks Up

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Austin Fair Nwaulu

As the New Year gradually gains momentum with the month of January already singing the ‘Nunc dimitis’ and activities beginning to pick up everywhere once again, people in various fields are jostling to up with demands too.


As usual, the year will be ushered in by the widely-marked St Valentine’s Day which is barely two weeks away. Then, it is followed by the Christian remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ, the Easter.

For those in entertainment and the creative industry generally, although there’s never a dull moment in the arena, one of the outfits you can trust for updates in entertainment and creativity generally, Choice Creations, is set to offer fun lovers the best of thrillers.

The Enugu-located sprawling outfit which is noted for the production of hit movies and latest cultural attires, with the former Igbo queen (Loloigbo), Choice Amajuoyi at the helm of affairs, is among other things, dropping a movie done in Igbo and English entitled ‘Agbala Uko.’

The soon-to-be-released movie which will reach viewers courtesy of a popular platform dwells on another of the evils that rear their heads in some marital homes these days mostly borne out of greed and wickedness.

Here, a man’s marriage to his heartthrob turned out to be his greatest undoing as the mother-in-law on a visit, turned his once beautiful and bubbling home into a sorrowful nightmare. The height of it all was the connivance with her daughter to pour him a native concoction (Agbala) and everything came to a head.

Similarly, the English version tells the story except that there was no pouring of any concoction. However, it was the same evil deeds that prevailed. The wicked woman succeeded in convincing her daughter to marry a rich man and many things happened after.

On the other hand, the star actress who has featured in many Igbo and English movies, also parades the latest designs in cultural apparels. Choice who designs and stocks beautiful clothes for both the celebrities and upwardly-mobile in the society, is fully loaded as usual.


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