Church Name Change, New Pentecostal Fad

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Chris okafor


Just like some corporate entities who change their names owing to expansion or other business factors, some churches have joined the flow and are now changing names of their churches.

However, in the case of churches, one cannot readily understand the rationale behind their action as it is a spiritual issue.

Sometime ago, Serving Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly Pastor Tunde Bakare after building his multi-billion Naira edifice changed the name of the church to now the Citadel Global Community Church.

Towards the end of last year, televangelist and faith healer, Pastor Chris Okafor changed the name of his church from Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry also known as Liberation City now to Grace Nation. Though, the name had changed before the controversial ‘healing’ of a woman with a twisted arm by seven revered ‘Men of God’ of which Okafor was one of them.

It remains to be seen if others would follow suit.

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