Cloudflex Reaffirms Need For Data Sovereignty With Robust Colocation Services

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Anthony Nwosu

In today’s changing world, the term sovereignty has evolved and it includes data sovereignty apart from political and economic sovereignty which is constantly being eroded by globalisation.


The ability for a country to have majority of her data hosted locally becomes imperative as a security and economic measure. Many countries of the world understand the need to have their critical data hosted locally thereby ensuring a certain degree of data sovereignty. Having noted the lapses in Nigeria’s data and information hosting, though with laws like Cyber Protection Act etc.

CloudFlex, an indigenous information technology (IT) with emphasis on cloud services is bringing robust and flexible cloud solution for local businesses to host and have their critical files domiciled in the country.


CloudFlex understands that hosting data offshore or overseas most times isn’t prudent for organisations in critical business. The company opined that hosting locally gives the local firm ability to have control of their critical information, noting that hosting overseas most times the data are subjected to the hosting country’s laws. With CloudFlex cloud solution, the organisation promises to migrate critical information to cloud thereby bypassing the hosting country’s law.


Speaking on the importance of local hosting, Aderemi Adejumo, the Chief Technical Officer of CloudFlex opined “Cloudflex offers premium collocating services of servers, Networking infrastructure within our tier 3 data centre within Nigeria. This is coming with an extensive choice of connectivity for clients, high level of encryption and security and also guaranteed power. We have put in place global best practices that will ensure firms get top notch services as it is done in Europe or USA.”


“Operating two data centres one at Ikeja and the second at Marna, all in Lagos State, these data centres are certified tier III facilities with redundant power, PCI DSS Compliant, Multi layered Security and we guarantee a 99.9% uptime and backed with global industry standard service level agreements. With all these things we meticulously put in place, it doesn’t make economic sense to take your hosting overseas,” Aderemi quipped.

Local hosting can be looked from various angles but the two main angles that can be looked at are economic and patriotic angle. Many companies that host in their countries of operation are always looked at patriotic corporate citizens and not economic saboteurs. This means that they are keeping the local hosting firms in business and thereby creating jobs.


Another economic perspective is the capital flight. Oversea hosting is paid in United States Dollars, hosting locally removes this and foreign exchanged is saved because hosting locally is paid with local currency.

ClouFlex colocation solution has been described as a game changer, they have brought services that are not capital demanding or lengthy lead times. Cloudflex is bringing colocation where and when the customer needs it, in safe areas with power and cooling in a highly accessible and redundant environment. Payment is for only the required capacity and it is on pay-as-you-grow basis, making Cloudflex payment plans ultra-flexible, reason they are known as CloudFlex.


“We ensure that our clients enjoy lower total cost of ownership (TCO), robust business continuity, ability to adapt and respond to changing business demands and at the end of the day, it helps most of our clients to focus on their core, which is their business,” Aderemi concluded.


Countries globally are increasingly concerned and worried who is accessing their national information and its potential repercussions. Data sovereignty must be seen as a critical piece to self-governance structures and an important part of territorial sovereignty which must be focus of Nigeria.



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