Fuel/Electric Tariff Increase; In Whose Interest?

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Austin- Fair

The federal government’s argument, defense and reasons often adduced each time it embarks on its unpopular and merciless upward review of economic policies have always been that it will help to improve infrastructure.

But the unanswered question remains; for who – the living or the dead? Take a cursory look at the true situation on ground now for instance; more people are actually dying out of hardship than diseases. In fact diseases only come where poverty lurks around with hunger, starvation and dirty environment dictating the pace.

Fortunately, the average Nigerian doesn’t need just more than the basic necessities of life. It cuts no ice with him if the leaders live in paradise and keep looting. It’s just that, in the words of Fela the great; food, water, house, light, ‘’e no dey!’’

A people-oriented government will not be reminded to put this into consideration first. Sadly, it is a different ball of the game here. This government seems not to care about the poor and downtrodden in the land.  They only remember the poor during elections when they offer them peanuts and actually win with or without their votes.

This government is equally elitist in nature. Priority attention is only given to the very rich and their areas of interest. Now, how many Nigerian officials are feeling the pains of the harsh economic policies?  Do any of the ministers, senators, rep. members, aides and other top functionaries buy fuel, pay electricity or any bill? Even food! Yet, they are paid at the end of the month and never owed salaries. How many Nigerians are working, how many are paid as at when due and receive a living wage or salary?

And when one shouts, one is tagged a wailer or fake news merchant. The idle and lazy spokespersons take delight in replying critics using uncouth languages. It is only under this government that someone will be beating you over what you have a stake in and expect you not to cry. A harvest of oddities everywhere you go.

Is it sensible and real for one to bear children and instead of feeding them first to grow, begin to embark on white elephant projects?  That’s precisely what is happening in our nation.  IF you don’t belong, you won’t share.

Isn’t it a shame, sort of, that ours is the only country that cared less about its citizens during the emergence of the Covid.19 pandemic. It was such a sad situation that some people that struggled to go out in search of food to take care of their children were either maimed or sent out of creation by security agents. The pandemic is still on, people have not recovered yet but prices and tariffs are being increased. IN WHOSE INTEREST, remains the question.

It is very surprising and shocking that people that enjoy free everything would wake up one morning, in the midst of harsh economic realities, and think of increasing the prices of basic necessities for the masses to bear. No conscience, to say the least.

A country that cannot stop its health workers from embarking on random strikes has not started. Yet they keep creating the impression that they know it all and must not be criticized.




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