How Not To Secure A husband   

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Austin Fair -Nwaulu

The recent news of a woman that trailed her husband and his supposed ‘mistress’ to a mall in Lagos where she assaulted the latter is still trending. These days, wonders happen.

Yes, strange things are happening, no doubt. So, a woman can find the time, leave her house, forget pride and take the risk to go and confront another woman outside for nothing else than the ownership of a man?

Did she even carry the requisite documents that confirm her as the rightful owner of the man in the first place?  So, the ownership of a husband is still in vogue. Methinks that of how to run a progressive home jointly is the in-thing now.

Let’s not pretend or prevaricate over this. We all played ‘hard’ and had enough before we got married and ought to be into real business as husband and wife. Trust does it better now. Love comes in but becomes pretentious at this stage. Has anyone clearly and faultlessly defined love, especially in its African perspective?

It is not easy and almost impracticable. Two strangers come together in the name of marriage. Different upbringing, orientation, culture and name it. It is only through maturity, fear of God and perseverance that the relationship gets sustained.  But that doesn’t mean that the differences are forgotten.

Marriages lasted before now because our forefathers and parents contracted theirs for real – they also knew the value and stuck to it. They loved themselves but never emphasized it as we pretend to do now. They toiled and managed together.

Today is it’s a different ball game. Material things have taken over. A husband is worthless without money. There is nothing like love and perseverance again even as many chant the slogan always. Women rarely love these days and yet want to usurp their husband’s total powers.

But come to think of it, does it really matter if a married man is seen with a woman and vice versa? I mean in a society where certain postulations are made to curry favour in a bid to make ends meet. It’s not always about immoral acts as women mostly think. How long does it take to sleep with each other after all?

Fact is, if any woman (wife) is monitoring her husband’s movements and activities, it is no longer for the love she has for you but to protect your pocket from leaking. You have seen this joke, for instance:

A man returns home from work and relates an experience of how God saved him from an inferno that consumed others in the work-place. He escaped because he went to the toilet. Initially the wife praised God for the miracle escape only to change gear when she heard that a huge sum of money was being paid to the victims as compensation. She did not hide her feelings and even and blamed the husband for not dying with them! See the interest?

So, for any woman to still monitor and even go to the extent of molesting the so-called chick is foolish. Not when men who even find time for such pleasures merely do it to ‘while away’ time. Just like some do by walking into a bar to down a bottle or two. And then, one cantankerous, lazy wife is at home will be dishing out orders. Some control and yet contribute nothing for the upkeep of the family.

Now, what did this particular woman that struck at the mall gain eventually? She must be lucky if her marriage still stands firmly because that was an aggression under the guise of love taken too far. You can notice that no one is talking about her again.

Women should devise better ways of securing their husbands instead of doing it pretentiously. We know when a woman loves her husband.

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