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With a body shape many ladies are dying to have and have men drooling, sexy actress, Ogene Chisom Sonia is proving with her craft that she is not only about beauty but brains.

With over 70 movies to her credit and still counting, 27 – year old Sonia from Enugu who came into tinsel town in September 2012 confesses that she is still experiencing difficulty in the industry.

She says: “It hasn’t been easy especially for an up and coming act in this industry. So many people want to sleep with you and would not give you job because you refuse. So many people won’t give you job because they don’t like you. Many will work with you and still want to work with you again. Some others will call you for job and will not pay you. Sometimes, it is discouraging and discomforting. At times, you want to give up but so far so good, the result tells it all. With the result, you can still be holding on and will continue to keep pushing.”

Continuing Sonia who graduated with a BSc in Statistics from Anambra State University and an OND from IMT, Enugu revealed that in the course of her job, she has had many challenges regarding roles. She shares some of her challenging roles as well as her side ‘hustle.’

“I shot ‘Deeper than Love’ with Chacha Eke, Sam Basa, among others. The movie brought out the best in me. I played the role of a wicked friend that was also married into the family. I was pretending to be my friend’s friend but at the end of the day, I was the one causing all the harms and problems. Playing that role wasn’t easy. That role is not me at all. I am very playful and always smiling. Then the flick, ‘Two Plus One Girls’ is another challenging one. Whenever it comes out, I don’t know what will happen. I played the role of an armed robber, a runs girl, everything bad you can think of but all those roles are not Sonia Ogene.

Aside acting, I love cooking. I want to go into it and start it big. Cooking is like a hobby to me. I want to also have a counselling firm, event planning too. I still cook. You order, I deliver.”

Asked who her role model is and how she is coping with men, Sonia responds thus: “Genevieve Nnaji actually influenced my going into acting. When I was much younger, I used to write letter to people going to Lagos to give it to her but they never did as I later found out. I want to be better than her. I also admire Mercy Johnson as well.

Coping with men is not easy because I have boobs and ‘ass’ and I am beautiful. When I go out even in my DM, men are always coming. As they come, I always smile. I will keep smiling and at the end of the day either you get tired of asking me out or we just become friends. I also read my bible a lot for strength.

I cherish my boobs, ‘ass’ and my smile the most in my body. My smile is heavenly.

And what I look out in a man is first; I don’t like loud guys. I don’t like guys who do not dress well and who do not know God. I also have issues with guys who play with womens’ emotions. I don’t like it. I love men who have good legitimate jobs. I like men who smell good.”

Sonia’s lifelong dream among others is to take her family out of poverty as she hinted and to make money, reach out to people and become the voice of the voiceless.

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  1. That’s really a good right up my role model..i admire all your performances in the industry and pray that one day i will be like you..an actor or if possible a combined with scrip writing..much love sis

  2. Amongst all God is your strength in everything you do especially in the Nollywood industry..keep praying and push hard because God never and will never forsake you…..

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