Indomie Young Hero 2019: Kanye Tagbo-Okeke Wins N1M Scholarship

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It has been an eventful year so far for the young prodigy as he penultimate Saturday, emerged as the winner n the social bravery category and one of three youngsters from all over Nigeria, honored for their roles in effecting change through selfless efforts in the society.


The annual event,  which is The Indomie Independence Day Heroes Award, to celebrate children and organized by Dufil Prima Foods Plc. Producers of popular Indomie noodles brand, has three different Bravery Categories.

Intellectual, Physical, and social bravery.

Kanyes nomination and eventual emergence as winner comes as no surprise and he’s story continues to generate robust discussions about how people view children with special needs, and the need to educate society more about what children on the spectrum are about.


At this years Indomie Independence Day Heroes Award, Kanye was announced winner in the Social Bravery category for his outstanding works and his raising awareness about autism.

Limited in verbal skills, Kanye is known to communicate and find fulfillment through art as he’s emotions are reflected, in many ways through his works.


Earlier in the year, Kanye kicked of his autism awareness project with the launch of the Kanyeyachukwu Autism Foundation, at an art exhibition hosted by him at the Transcorp Hilton Abuja.


At that exhibition, guests were educated on the need to understand  autism and what it’s about. Special needs children are highly gifted and in many cases beat the condition sometimes through early diagnoses and therapy. They should not be stigmatized.


Kanye’s advocacy has led to his paintings being acquired by various high commissions and embassies within and outside Nigeria. His works also grace the walls of High net-worth art collectors. Truly Kanyeyachukwu has demonstrated that even with autism or any disability, one can still make a great impact in the society.


The Youngest honoree of the Flame Of Peace award in Creative Arts and fellow of the Association of Professional creative artist of Nigeria . Kanye has continued to shine as an outstanding abstract artiste as he was acknowledged recently in Casablanca Morocco where his art works where displayed alongside that of other notable young African and Moroccan artistes.


Turning Ten in a few weeks, Kanyes works will be on display at a solo exhibition to be hosted by him titled “Impossibility is a Myth”, organized by Terra Kulture in Lagos. This exhibition will showcase a lot of Kanyes works over a period of four years with a few from when he first started painting and then more recent ones. Art lovers would be mesmerized at the maturity and depth of  the works of this Prodigy. The event kicks of at 4:00pm on the 2nd  of November 2019 at the Terra Kulture studio in Lagos.



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