Is it true, Nestle Foods?

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The trending news and video of a man allegedly caught adulterating one of the popular brands, Milo (satchet) which has gone viral on social media, calls for concern.

Being a product from one of the multinationals, Nestle Foods, one expects that its Corporate Department should have by now issued a release on the authenticity or otherwise of the rumour.

This is necessary to douse the fear and tension same has generated in the minds of vulnerable consumers who may be contemplating of dumping the product.

It is on record that ‘bad’ news sells more than good ones and ours is a society where strange things happen these days.

The news video shows a man with the product which he allegedly to have adulterated, poisoned and sent a large consignment to a certain part of the country.

It is my favourite, but I have not bothered to take it since the dangerous rumour enveloped the land.



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