Mad Rush For 2023: Tempting God

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 AustinFair Nwaulu

“The way earthly things are going, anything might happen now. Unrighteous people turning things upside down…Oh what a situation!’’

That was Majek Fashek, one of Nigeria’s philosophical, natural and legendary music stars in one of his hit albums.  This particular song was rendered about two decades-plus ago when things were a bit okay in all life’s ramifications. When one can, at least predict tomorrow and come out successful; when one was sure of the next meal; boast of basic necessities of life.

Not today when we are drifting backwards in everything. And nothing, even life, is guaranteed again,

It is therefore funny the way and manner some people are still daring tomorrow. And it is happening in a country where, suddenly, things degenerate everyday owing to bad policies.

Isn’t it strange that under a staggered situation like this some people are thinking and talking about 2023 already. Thus, they have no plans for 2020, 21, 22 but 23! As if they own the world and their lives. Well, God has the final say after all said and done.

If everybody would live and bubble till that year He alone knows. He also knows who will occupy Aso and the various Government Houses. Unfortunately, nobody is thinking about the masses and their welfare. We’ve had many landlords in Aso Rock in the past but still no hope; no food, water, house, roads, light, functional hospitals, etc.

So, why can’t we come together and think of restructuring and addressing these issues first? Is Aso Rock occupancy still the ultimate? And the person gets there to continue with the same system and mess? Can’t the system be changed?

In sum, there is no need for long grammar but those spoiling action against 2023 already, should remember that there is God who has the final say. How are they sure that they would live to see the year let alone calling its shots?

It is time to have a rethink. Let’s settle the rot in the country and system first. Nobody can highjack this country again. We might start living unhappily from them if there is any coercion to that effect.

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