More Goodwill Messages Pour In For Skiddo

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Austin Fair -Nwaulu

Messages of congratulations are still pouring in torrents for society bigwig, veteran entertainer-turned man of God, Skid Ikemefuna days after he escaped unscathed from his Hummer jeep automobile which caught fire in motion.

The vehicle which was razed to rubbles along the highway, had attracted the attention of many sympathizers who did everything effortlessly to put out the fire.

His account: “I was coming from Shoprite in Songotedo in my Hummer H2 when suddenly shouts of ‘fire, fire’ rent the air. By the time I realized that the fire was coming from my car the door refused to open. I commanded it and it opened. We tried to put out the fire but Satan was bent on taking away the vehicle. The car was completely burnt but I am alive.’’

The incident which happened last week, however, is still attracting a lot of goodwill messages from friends, family, especially colleagues in the entertainment and social circuit where Skid has held sway for decades today.

“Satan really failed because what happened was exactly the trappings of the devil. He was driving within the city and it got to such a level, we must thank we didn’t hear any other bad news,’’ one of his long followers said.

Others are also thanking God for saving his life and urging him to remain steadfast and prayerful as God will replenish everything.

According to Skid Ikemefuna, other motorists, area boys and sympathizers battled in vain to put out the fire.



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