NETCOM Africa Celebrates 15 Years Of ICT business In Nigeria

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Netcom Africa, one of the largest integrated information and communication technology (ICT) solutions service provider in the country recently marked its 15 years of doing business in the country. As one of the earliest IT firms to have deployed critical information technology solutions such as data center, laying fiber optics and deploying SAT3 internet services in the country, the company used the opportunity to celebrate their strides in the industry and announce their evolution from internet service provider (ISP) to a technology-transformational company.

Speaking to the media, Group Executive Vice President & the Chief Technology Office of Netcom Africa, Yen Choi said that Netcom Africa has come of age, having made big strides in the ICT ecosystem, the company has seen the need to celebrate. “One of our ways of working was innovating, we constantly tried to innovated and that is what IT firms must understand, innovation is the key in this industry. We were one of the first companies to connect to the SAT 3 cable system. This is an undersea cable that connects Europe to Nigeria. The benefits were that the capacity was large; this reduced the cost of internet and also latency.We were the first to offer SAT 3 services outside of Nigeria Telecommunications (NITEL) of then which was a national carrier” Yen said.

On how the company profitability and client support and loyalty, Yen said “it is our commitment to quality service and honesty. These are deliberate processes we put in place; we have a well defined structures and procedures. This is a policy in Netcom Africa. We ensure that what we deliver is the same thing every time. In addition, we are continually improving our systems and processes to be more efficient. We are very open, we try to communicate and inform our customers in a very honest way. We don’t give customers false expectations, we try to be honest to our customers. We have retained clients for over 15 years and hope to for many more.”

As a stakeholder in the industry, Netcom Africa’s chief used the medium to speak on the evolution of the IT industry in Nigeria. He lauded Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) on the proactive regulations and sanity the commission has brought to the industry. Making plea on the plight of telecommunication firms, Yen asked for a one stop agency for the telecommunication infrastructure firms (InfraCos). He opined that “If we have a one stop shop, it would be nice. I think that there should be one stop agencies for telecom companies to go to not having to contend with a whole lot of agencies.The Nigeria Communication Commission is our regulators and one of the most progressive in the world. I know that they can intervene here. They should consolidate information on regulations from multiple regulators and let us know how to go about this because for many telecom firms, especially those that are into infrastructure, this would help ease of doing business, reduce confusion and multiple taxation.

Netcom Africa has been Nigeria’s leading Internet Service Provider since 2004, staying ahead of the competition with cutting edge platforms in VSAT, WIMAX, Radio, and Fiber technology. Now, a pioneer in Business Transformation Solutions this empowers organizations to lead their market space by keeping pace with the rapid changes in IT innovations, ensuring relevance to specific business initiatives required to maximize revenue generation.

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