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Nigerian Showbiz at 60; Now A hustlers’ Terrain

by Newstimesafrica


Austin Fair Nwaulu

LIKE every other sector in our dear nation which clocks 60 good years today, the entertainment industry has become an all comers’ terrain as people try to eke a living.

Unlike the early days when its players were duly called,  talented and put in enough effort to reach out, anything goes today albeit the listeners [especially the youths] have no choice but to embrace whatever comes their way.

Incidentally and thanks to improved technology, the industry is paying more and the lucky ones enjoying every bit of it.

Yes, just luck is what it takes today to breakthrough. Sometimes it is not the talent or even experience. In fact some of the stars in music, movies, production and other segments therein today are mostly overnight heroes and heroine.

In music for instance, lyrics which played a vital role in the past, does not count again. All that the artiste requires is to hop into a studio and the producers takes down whatever he has, programme it and churns something out from there.

Same thing goes with acting the chosen faces have more chances. But these days, unlike before when merit dictates the choice, it has become the survival of the fittest. The top players now exploit the young ones. Scammers now abound.

Unfortunately, everything is taking a downward trend because of the mood of the nation. The unions that are supposed to regulate the industry are not united for obvious reasons – leadership tussle.

In fact there is no association there that is not factionalised today as people struggle to make ends meet in both the music movie and other sectors. These are the minuses.

Talk about the pluses and welcome the sudden surge. Nigerian products and acts are competing with their international counterparts. Again, they are just good enough to sustain one at home or event without looking for foreign additions.

Like Nigeria, the entertainment industry needs restructuring and until that is done, hustlers may just be having the upper hand. There is hope, all the same.

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