O’King’s Arena Now The ‘Mecca’ In Abakaliki

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From all indications, there seems to be no stopping Nigeria’s Okoro Ugwu Nwachukwu, CEO of O’King Productions, from shaking and conquering every department in the showbiz industry.

The enterprising young man, who waltzed into Nollywood and made instant successes, has been navigating into other areas to satisfy the yearnings of the society, especially fun lovers, with enough of what the sector demands and offers.

This time around, he’s already wowing fun lovers in the city of Abakiliki, the Ebonyi state capital and its environs with unique and maximum offerings. He added the hospitality business recently but one with a difference, a fun base embellished with all the trappings of a modern spot.

O’ King’s Arena, the latest joint in the city, has taken the centre stage in Abakaliki such that within a short space of its berthing, almost on weekly basis, one big event or another draw a large crowd to the Hilltop spot.

‘’I have been around here for quite some time now to help supervise things and put them in shape. It is my own contribution towards the transformation of Abakaliki and Ebonyi state in general. Friends, colleagues and many others from Lagos, Abuja, etc, now come here to catch maximum fun from time to time.’’

Meanwhile, Okoro Ugwu has stormed Lagos for the burial rites of departed Nollywood icon, friend and partner, Chico John Ejiro. ‘’it is very difficult to write RIP. But your life and death should be a mirror to some of us. It is good to live well and die well…’’  He’s been quite visible at the ongoing activities.


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