Opinion: Still On The Next Level Ministers

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Austinfair Nwaulu

So, we eventually saw and got to them. The special people that our number one citizen ’searched’ for, got and shielded their names and portfolios months even as the various ministries and Nigerians suffered setbacks until a few weeks ago.

But does it mean that even the likes of Lai Mohammed, Chibuike Amaechi, Shehu Malami, Adamu Adamu and co, turned total strangers overnight? Howbeit, all is well that ends well. The magic men are here at last and we want to start having their magic. The test run is on albeit they can wobble and fumble without anybody showing them the exit door.

For one thing, ’Oga patapata’ has shown us once again, why he is unique no matter whose ox is gored. He apparently believes that Nigerians must suffer small before anything good comes their way.  Rome can never be built in a day, he seems to believe.

We all waited enough. But can these special men and women paddle the canoe. Many Nigerians have been complaining and already apprehensive. “Some of the new bottles with the old wine look spent and tired,’’ some people argue. But does Baba want to hear that. He settled for the “people he knows’’ after all.

Now, If what has been crying, is still crying, Nigerians just have to like and take it so. Inevitably It may take another four years to effect any change.  I doubt if any ‘next level’ minister will not emulate his or her recycled counterpart, make the initial ‘gra-gra’ and relax after sometime and turn to an emergent propagandist.

Anyway, one month will soon elapse and before you know it, four years would have gone. So, if they like, they just have to get cracking. Let’s just manage and hope for the better. But how far can they go?

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