Outrage As Nigerians React Over Government Officials Lining Up To Receive Bauchi Governor’s New Wife

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Nigerians have been reacting to the manner in which government officials abandoned their duty posts to line up at the airport to receive the new Lebanese wife of the governor of Bauchi State, Mohhammed Abdullahi Abubarkar.

The Governor who came to power in May this year and whose state has been part of the Boko Haram crisis, led government officials to the airport totally insensitive of the office he occupies to welcome his brand new wife.

Already, the cyberspace is abuzz with reactions mostly negative about the propriety or otherwise of the public exhibition as one asked; “When did the governor’s new wife becomes part of official function of members of his staff?

Another angry Nigerian Danny Oko has this to say; “When the rest of humanity is marching forward, northern Nigeria remains adamant and steadfast in marching backward. And it’s so unfortunate and annoying that it’s dragging the rest of the nation with it. This is the more reason why Nigeria must be restructured, and urgently too, so that each region can advance at its own pace while the region that has sworn to perpetually remain in slumber can feel free to continue in its slumber.”

Willy Bature added his thus: “That’s how civil servants and presidential aides that are supposed to be in their offices abandon their duty post to welcome the President upon his arrival from every trip he embarks abroad in Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport. If this is deemed normal at the federal level, most of them won’t see anything wrong in this. A shortwhile ago i saw a video of a traditional ruler, Olu of Warri being given same kind of heroes welcome in the airport in DC. It’s in their DNA. Shameless bunch!”

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