Trump Will Leave Office in Handcuffs and Jailed – Prophet Alex Ugochukwu

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With few days remaining for the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump to hand over power to Joseph Biden, Prophet Alex Ugochukwu of the Immaculate Chapel Ministries aka Jesus The High Court Judge, Owerri, Imo State has declared that Trump would not complete his tenure but would be impeached, handcuffed and jailed.

Ugochukwu who revealed that he predicted the enthronement of Trump against popular wishes as well as the ascension of Joe Biden as the next U.S. President also made some predictions about the coronavirus in 2019 and some others yet to come to pass.

In a telephone chat with Newstimesafrica, Ugochukwu spoke about Biafra, the kidnapping and release of the Catholic Priest in Imo among others.

He said thus: “Sometime in March or May, 2016, I was praying in brother Iyke’s house with some friends in Maryland, USA. Their television was on displaying the campaign of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And the Lord showed me that Donald Trump would win Hilary Clinton. I asked who the Donald Trump was and they said he was the one contesting with Hillary Clinton. I told them that Trump would win. They said no that people in the U.S. needs Hillary Clinton to win. However, I saw something else. I saw Donald Trump having a character problem. I didn’t see him complete his eight years. I saw him leaving office in four years and he did not leave in peace.  He left the office with handcuffs in his hands. They handcuffed him and took him to jail because of the crisis and confusion he brought to America.  And I told them to write it down that it will come to pass. We had it written on our Instagram page.

“Sometime around last year October or so, September, I was preaching on the pulpit and the Lord gave me a revelation that He is going to unseat a world leader less than one week and put another. That was seven days to the American election. And America did their election and Biden won Trump. I told my media team to publish it. And when they sent it on air, I received insults from different men of God asking me why I’m supporting Biden? They said don’t I know Biden is an occultic man? That he wants to establish gay and so on. That Trump wants to destroy those things and so on. I told them that I did not call Biden a messiah, I only said what the Lord told me.”


Kidnapped Priest

I have another prophecy that happened in Imo state. This one went viral. Around October, the Lord spoke to me about a Catholic bishop that would be kidnapped in Owerri. And I described the man to be of average height and dark in complexion. His kidnapping would be like a political kidnapping from the church to kill him against a particular promotion. I told the church to pray but the kidnapping will happen.  And around December 27 they kidnapped one catholic bishop in Owerri. And on the 31st night the Catholics that worship with us came to tell me that one of their bishops has been kidnapped and they asked me to pray. I made a declaration that before Tuesday, the bishop would be released but he would be injured with cutlass. They came back on the second or first January to tell me that the bishop has been released but was injured just as the Holy Spirit said.


There was another prophecy that came around July, September. I told the world that Biafra will come but not through the world power. I told them that I saw new soldiers without legs. They were like the wind, heavily built and they ran into Nigeria wearing Biafran band like a captain on their right hand. They ran into Nigeria and the Nigerian flag sank. I asked the Lord what is this? The Lord said, ‘I will bring Biafra but not the way they are looking at it.’ The Lord said I will raise an army that will bring Biafra, millions of them. This prophecy came in June or July 2020.


World Leader and Covid

On the crossover night the Lord told me that a world leader will die.  I didn’t go deeper to mention the country but I know where it is coming from. The Lord showed me a world leader that died and they wrapped him with a cloth and buried him like a chicken. And the Lord told me that in 2021 that He is going to set fire in the camp of the enemies. Actually, last year I mentioned deaths of politicians.  1n 2019 around September the Lord spoke to me about a sickness that would come to the world and kill many. He showed me millions of graveyards. He said; ‘son, there is a deadly disease coming to kill.’ He asked me to do a 21-days high praise which we did and called it ‘1 hour of high praise.’ This year the Lord told me a lot of things.

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  1. Prophecy set to come to pass…where are the doubting Thomas? Believe the oracle of our time & true Servant of GOD, Prophet Alex Ugochukwu. Sir, may the oil of GOD upon you never run dry, in JESUS’S NAME…AMEN

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