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Cloud Computing is the future of Information Technology (IT), the need to have indigenous cloud providers is important for any country. In this media chat, Aderemi Adejumo,The Chief Technical Director, Comercio Cloud Computing Limited talks about the need to avoid capital flight by patronising local cloud firms, Colocation and Managed solutions.

Tell us more about Comercio cloud as an IT firm?

Comercio cloud computing Limited is Nigeria’s’ leading Enterprise local cloud service Provider. We are the first choice of Cloud Solutions and managed data services for local and Global businesses with great ambitions.We offer Information Technology as a service (Cloud services, Colocation, Managed solutions, Backup services, Disaster Recovery etc.), and support for diverse infrastructure need by providing Industry-specific Solutions.Our Company is based on the principle of developing and delivering top of the line Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions to meet the need of our existing and prospective clients.

Why establish ComerCio cloud when we have tons of Cloud Computing and Solution providers in Nigeria?

Our aim is to set an agenda and the foundation for people to be aware that we have that capability on the ground as oppose to going out of the country when we have the same facility in Nigeria. We want Nigerians to avoid the capital flight of having these foriegtn brand and that was one of the major reasons we established this organisation. Having worked across the globe, we try as much as possible to be in tune with the global best practise as it pertains to IT  and Cloud solution deployment. We want our clients to have a rest of mind  while we got their back.

Do you ever get asked that type of Cloud Solution are you providing and what are your unique propositions?


Yes, that has been asked a couple of times. Let me give you an analogy, you and I can even live on the same street, and you might not even know of my existence.It’s doesn’t mean in not shouting from the mountain top, but it’s just the fact that I’m not doing it effectively.

And let me explain something to you.  We miss it totally in this country, we chase the money. We’re not meant to chase the money. Chase the infrastructure. Once you chase infrastructure money will follow. But if you chase the money your chasing for today and its superficial money and it won’t make much. But if you chase the infrastructure, because let me break it down for you. Forget technology, let’s talk about Nigeria. When you listen to the news about Nigeria, Nigerians are the most brilliant people in the world and I’m not saying it because I’m a Nigerian. Let me share you a small story, I work for the Welcome Trust,it is ne of the biggest Cahar UK. Welcome Trust is the richest charity in the UK. They are managing over 22 billion Pound Sterling a year! Charity. So which means that they are earning 1.4 billion and if they struggling to spend that money because as a charity you have to spend everything in one year and they struggle to spend it in one year.


But with all these human capacities, we are still poor and borrowing as a nation?


Unfortunately, we borrow irrespective of the fact that we have oil, we don’t need to borrow from somebody we have the money. But we are borrowing, NO. You see everybody borrows, what I’m saying is  the core money or seed money. When they start the year they have no money they have to borrow. But we what am I saying? We should be able to muster some funds that would be used to create world class infrastructures that would enable startups to thrive, we just don’t need to borrow wholly but we can borrow to augment with whatever we have raised. This is my position.  The point about us, what we fail to do is that we don’t take that money, I mean, for me what should government do, infrastructure. Just focus on roads and light that’s all, do nothing else. But what does the government want to do? They want to do business, government don’t do business, you make an enabling environment for business to thrive.


What do you think government can do to support the IT ecosystem and make it a huge employer of labour?


IT is like a pond. If there are only 10 fishes there and you have got about 100 fishermen, it means some of those fishermen are going to be hungry. But if the 100 of us say let us make sure that pond the fishes grow and we have a million fishes there, at least with a million fish in there we know that the 100 of us will all eat. But in order to do that, we have to agree and say “Okay, people let nobody should fish for 3 days , so that the fish can grow” at least half of them would have the mind to go and steal that fish because they’ll say I need it more than you. But they are not thinking that what he said is not just for everybody


You run a Managed Colocation as a service with Virtualization and Disaster Recovery, can we know the unique things about these solutions?

We developed these solutions for Nigerian enterprises. These are  the best choice for clients who want independence of owning their own server(s) and networking devices; require a certain level of server management and expertise. We provisioning you rack-space for your devices in a purpose built enterprise facility. Our Virtualization an effective way of reducing IT expenses; boosting efficiency and agility for all business sizes. Looking to do a refresh of your physical IT infrastructure and considering the high capital required, this is the way to go. With our top notch cloud services, we have developed a backup system and business agility solution that can enable you to focus on your work and not bothered if your data would be lost in the case of breach. Our Disaster Recovery Solution Protects your business from the impact of a disaster, retrieve and restore essential technology infrastructure and systems following a disaster.

As a wholly Nigerian Cloud Solution provider, what are is your go to market idea?

Well, our focus is to provide the best local cloud platform while supporting technology growth amongst the different branches of IT development in West Africa. We aim to be the leading premier cloud company in West Africa. Also provide the Nigerian IT community and sub-region with quality cloud services, business information solutions, reliable and professional technical support, and unparalleled customer service by embracing good ethical business practices. We have the capacity to deliver this and we have been deploying world class cloud solutions to organisations across the country and we are looking at the sub region in near future.

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